Friday, December 19, 2008

Level 1 Productions Long Story Short Music Soundtrack

Movie Description: Telling a tale of six months of sun, snow, and rain, over a dozen of skiing’s most talented athletes, hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, tens of thousands of vertical feet hiked, hundreds of quarts of 2-stroke snowmobile oil, a dozen speeding tickets and at least as many missed connecting flights, this year’s Level 1 film is indeed a VERY long story, short.

Shot in high-definition across the frozen globe, from remote powder stashes of Hokkaido, Japan, to the bent metal and concrete of the East Coast of North America, and the fabled kicker zones of Austria, and everywhere in between. Level 1 furthers their innovative vision of skiing, continuing their tradition of captivating cinematography, inspired features and locations, and mindblowing skiing exploits in what will be THE story of the ’06 ski season.
Date Released: 2006
Starring: Mike Clarke, Alex Balsen, Cedric Tremblay-Fournier, Corey Vanular, Craig Coker, Dan Marion, JD Zicat, JF Houle, John Symms, Liam Downey, Loic Collomb-Patton, Luke Van Valin, Matt Philippi, Steele Spence, Stefan Thomas, Tanner Rainville, Tim Russel, Travis Redd
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Long Story Short
Song: "The Power Is On"
Artist: The Go! Team
Album: Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Soundtrack for Long Story Short by Level 1 Productions
Intro"Olvetti JerK"Ladytron
Stefan Thomas"Rap Beat Piano Strings"
Cedric Tremblay-Fournier & JD Zicat"For Every Day That Goes By" DJ Honda featuring The RawcotiksH II
Steele Spence, Travis Redd"Passin' Me By"DJ Z-Trip
Colby West"A.I." Ming &
Crash Segment"Have You Passed Through This Night?" Explosions In The SkyThose Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever
BC Segment"Take a Walk" Masta Ace & ApocalypseDisposable Arts
Tim Russel, Craig Coker"Dead Disco" MetricOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Alex Balsen, Dan Marion"Stay Loose" Belle & SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress
Park/Vanular"Newera" DL IncognitoOrganic Music for a Digitial World
Japan"What the Snowman Learned About Love" StarsHeart
Liam Downey"Eyes a Bleed (RZA Remix)" Bounty KillerWu-Chronicles: Chapter 2
Credits"Motion Movement" Blue ScholarsBlue Scholars
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Friday, December 5, 2008

4 bi 9 Media | Slamina Music Soundtrack

Movie Description: Join the 4BI9 crew as they travel to various locations across the country in an attempt to bring you some of the most progressive and entertaining displays of skiing around. Whether it was late-night handrail missions, early-morning backcountry hikes, 10 hour road trips, waist deep pow, bluebird skies, 15 second breaks in the clouds, broken generators, or whatever else we came across we can guarantee that we did our best to capture the essence of it all; that is having a great time on and off the mountains with our friends. Featuring some of the top up and coming riders around during one of the snowiest seasons imaginable. We can assure you that this will be a movie worth checking out. With that being said we are proud to announce our 2008 release entitled “Slamina.”
Date Released: 2008
Starring: AJ Dakoulas, Andrew Holson, Brady Perron, Dave Euler, David Schmidt, Dylan James Ferguson, Kyle Lukacs, Lenny ''Octus'' Ancuta, Steve Stepp, Oscar Harlaut, Rich Fahey, Ryan Wyble, Henrik Harlaut,, Jeff Kiesel, John Kutcher, Tom Wallisch, Andrew Napier, Dale Talkington
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Slamina
Song: "Video Tapez"
Artist: Amplive from Zion i feat Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Soundtrack for Slamina by 4 bi 9 Media
Intro"Chromakey Dreamcoat" Boards of CanadaThe Campfire Headphase
Brady Perron"Wings of the Morning" Capleton & Method ManProphecy
Andrew Holson"Good Ol Love" Masta AceA Long Hot Summer
Tim Maney"The Heart Gently Weeps (feat. Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison & John Frusciante)" Wu-Tang Clan8 Diagrams
Witt Foster"White Room" CreamThe Very Best of Cream
Steve Stepp"Breakin News" E-40Breakin News
Friends"Black Mags" The Cool KidsBlack Mags - Single
Crash Segment"American Life" PrimusSailing the Seas of Cheese
Rich Fahey"True Believers" Bouncing SoulsHow I Spent My Summer Vacation
Kyle Lukacs"Know What I'm Sayin'" Mike JonesWho Is Mike Jones?
Kutucher / Strenio"Made You New Soul"Nas
Super Mega, Mini Fun"Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud)" Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Jeff Kiesel"Eye Know Remix"De La Soul
Tom Wallnutz"Thrown"Wiz Khalifa
Henrik Harlaut"Yep, I'm Back" FabolousFrom Nothin' to Somethin'
Credits"Build Me Up" RhymefestBlue Collar
Credits"None Shall Escape This Judgement" Johnny ClarkeA Ruffer Version - Johnny Clarke at King Tubby's, 1974-1978
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Road to Nowhere Ski Soundtrack | Stept Productions

Movie Description: Join us on an adventure filled trip across North America. Following our crew from east to west in two cars fully loaded with equipment and today's best known, up-and-coming skiers and snowboarders. Navigate an uncharted journey from hitting rails on the freezing streets of Calgary. To the thrill of waist-deep Colorado powder, road too nowhere will give you a look at what's happening at the grass-roots of our sport - deep snow, huge jumps, and the biggest handrails in the world.ENJOY!
Date Released: 2008
Starring: Alex Martini, Ben Moxham, Cam Riley, David Lesh, Gus Kenworthy, Henrik Harlaunt, Ian Boll, Mark Kelsic, Matt Luczkow, Matt Walker, Nick Martini, Richie Paradise, Shea Flynn, Ted Borland, Tom Wallisch, Tom Warnick
Locations: Calgary, AB - Colorado - Whistler BC - Wyoming - East Coast
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Road to Nowhere
Song: "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)"
Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: Preemptive Strike

Soundtrack for Road to Nowhere by Stept Productions
Intro"Shiller" RatatatLP3 (Bonus Track Version)
Boulder - Denver Urban Jib"Rods and Cones" Blue Man GroupAudio
Summit County, CO"Finally Moving" Pretty LightsTaking Up Your Precious Time
Colorado, Wyoming, BC"Gem" Zoot WomanZoot Woman
Road Trip Part 1 Song 1"Immigrant Song" Led ZeppelinMothership (Remastered)
Road Trip Part 1 Song 2"This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" Talking HeadsThe Best of Talking Heads
East Coast Park"Good Lovin'" Grateful DeadShakedown Street
East Coast Urban Jib"Just Call My Name (feat. Jaysaun)" Edo GMy Own Worst Enemy
Road Trip Part 2 Song 1"The General Specific" Band of HorsesCease to Begin
Road Trip Part 2 Song 2"We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" Le LoupThe Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millenium General Assembly
Road Trip Part 2 Song 3"Ecstasy" Rusted Root20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rusted Root (Remastered)
Spring Park Sessions"Pitch Black Noon"Brother Ali and BK-One
Whistler BC and Mt Hood, OR"Love Reign O'er Me" The WhoQuadrophenia
Credits"Got to Give It Up" Marvin GayeThe Complete Collection: Marvin Gaye
Credits"Road to Nowhere" Talking HeadsThe Best of Talking Heads