Monday, November 3, 2008

Poor Boyz & Theory 3 | Journal | Ski Music Soundtrack

Poor Boyz & Theory 3 | Journal
Movie Description: Poor Boyz Productions, in conjunction with Theory 3 Medial and Jeff Thomas present "Journal", a visual chronicle of the 2008 winter season. Follow Theory 3's crews and witness the day-to-day filming, travel, weather, and the many disciplines within skiing. Shot On location in Whistler, Mt. Baker, Mt. Cain, Washington, Idaho, and California (to name a few), and featuring Charley Ager, PY Leblanc, Frank Raymond, Ma Hill, Alexis Godbout, and a gain of others.

Starring Skiers: Alexis Godbout, Anthony Boronowski, Austin Ross, Brandon Kelly, Charley Ager, Christian Boucher, Dane Tudor, Frank Raymond, James Heim, Joe Schuster, John Spriggs, Josh Stack, Max Hill, Mike Hopkins, PY Leblanc, Riley Leboe

Teaser Music for Journal by Theory 3 & Poor Boyz
Song: "The Celebration Song"
Artist: White Apple Tree
Album: "Taste the Celebration - EP"

Soundtrack for Journal by Poor Boyz & Theory 3
1"Carbon Kid" AlpinestarsWhite Noise
2"Dark Days" Ming & PingCauseway Army
3White Apple Tree"Taste the Celebration - EP" "Handle With Care"
4"Beautiful Girl" CunninlynguistsA Piece of Strange
5"(this Is) The Dream of Electric Sheep" Ming & PingMP2
6"Seal of Life"Bran Van 3000Rose
7"Shoulda Known" AtmosphereWhen Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (Bonus Video Version)
8"The Chosen" PsychokineticsSeven League Boots
9"Say Hey There" AtmosphereYou Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
10"Snowflakes" White Apple Tree"Taste the Celebration - EP"
11"The Celebration Song" White Apple Tree"Taste the Celebration - EP"
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