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Matchstick Productions | Hit List | Ski Music Soundtrack

Matchstick Productions | Hit List | Music Soundtrack
Movie Description: Everybody has a hit list -- lines we hope to ski, places we want to go, and tricks we want to stomp. Matchstick Productions's 2005 release, "The Hit List", explores the goals of the world's best skiers in their quest to have fun, live the ultimate winter, and travel across the globe skiing.

"We captured it all, powder, park, cliffs, and jumps all set in the most beautiful locations in the World."

Red Bull energy drink and Matchstick Productions teamed up and chartered a 110-foot research vessel decked out with a private helicopter and travel up the coast of British Columbia in search of first descents. The results are mind-blowing! The trip included World Cup skier Daron Rahlves, Skier of the Year Mark Abma, and big mountain guru Chris Davenport. The zone they discovered was epic and so is the footage that was produced.

Date Released: 2005

Starring: Mark Abma, Ingrid Backstrom, Chris Benchetler,Rory Bushfield, Sarah Burke, Mike Douglas, Pep Fujas, Hugo Harrison, Eric Hjorleifson, JT Holmes, Andy Mahre, Shane McConkey, Eric Pollard, Mike Wilson

Teaser Music for Matchstick Productions | Hit List
Song: "I'm Not Trading"
Artist: Sunna
Album: One Minute Science
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Soundtrack for The Hit List by Matchstick Productions
Intro"Renegade" StyxStyx: Greatest Hits
Eric Hjorleifson"I'm Not Trading" SunnaOne Minute Science
Mike Douglas 1"Fell it"Full Scale
Mike Douglas 2"Golden Brown" The StranglersLa Folie
Heli Chase 1"Bullet and a Target" Citizen CopeBullet and a Target - Single
Heli Chase 2"She Sells Sanctuary" The CultLove
Girls Will Be Girls
Rory Rushfield"Don't Say Nuthin'" The RootsThe Tipping Point
Pep Fujas"Ghostwriter (Remix)" RJD2The Horror
Ingrid Backstrom"Southern Girls"Cheap TrickCheap Trick: Authorized Greatest Hits
Sarah Burke, Mike Wilson"Southern Belles In London Sing" The FaintWet from Birth
Andy Mahre"The Fear"SkindredBabylon
Shane McConkey"Angel" Massive AttackMezzanine
JT Holmes"Holy Diver" DioThe Very Beast of Dio
Mark Abma"Too Hot"Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Boat Trip 1"Holiday" ScorpionsBox of Scorpions
Boat Trip 2"Pistol of Fire" Kings of LeonAha Shake Heartbreak
Boat Trip 3"Shuffle Your Feet" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl
Hugo Harrison"Mountain Song" Jane's AddictionNothing's Shocking
Eric Pollard"Just What I Needed" The CarsThe Cars: Complete Greatest Hits
Chris Benchetier"Try" Sweatshop UnionUnited We Fall
Credits"Shuffle Your Feet" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl
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