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Get Lucky | Field Productions | Ski Movie Soundtrack

Get Lucky | Field Productions
Movie Description: The Norwegian ski movie company, Field Productions, brings you "Get Lucky", a movie that includes not only every aspect in modern extreme skiing, but shows the constant pendulum swing of good luck/ bad luck. Illustrated in short episodes, you get rider segments and detailed documentary style interviews, all set to an amazing mix of music. A movie by Filip Christensen. Presented by Discovery Channel
Date Released: 2008
Starring: PK Hunder, Jon Larsson, Seb Garhammer, Anders Backe, Jorgen P. Willumsen, Christopher Frankum, Espen Linnerud, Mille Windfelt, Tom Wallisch, Torgrim Vole, Asmond Thursen, John-Havard Grogaard, Lasee Nyhagen, Aleksander Aurdal, Aksel Lund Svindal, Eirik Finseth, Even Sigstad, Trygve Sande, Tor Olav Naalsund, Jon Olsson
Locations: Norway: Kirkerud, Hemsedal, Folgefonna, Lillehammer, Sunnmore Alps, Vassfjellet, Oppdal, Strandafjellet, Strynefjellet, Filefjell, Galdhopiggen, Varingskollen, Trysilfjellet, Al; International: Hakuba,Japan - Montaflon, Austria - Haines, Alaska
Sponsors: Fri Flyt, Notar, Peak Performance, K2 Skis, Kneissel, Helly Hansen, Kombi, Whiteout, Bergens of Norway, Roxy, 4Front Skis,

Teaser Music for Get Lucky
Song: "Gym Class"
Artist: Shawn Lee
Album: Bully

Soundtrack for Get Lucky by Field Productions
Intro"Superjam"Cyan Science
PK Hunder"Far Away" Cut CopyIn Ghost Colours
Haines, Alaska"Silberhorn"Cyan Science
Anders Backe"Do What You Wanna"The Diamond Island
Williamsen, Frankum, and Friends"Hard to Stay Alive"Attention Now
Tom Wallisch"They Don't Care"Nico D
Filefjell/Sunnmore"Goodman of the House"DeastroKeepers
Aleksander Aurdal"Super Giants" PnauAgain
Frankum & Friends - Strandafjellet"Breakdown Into 8-Bit"Philter
Asmond & John Havard"Youths Rize"Admiral P
Aksel Lund Svindal 1"Cinematic"Morten Solem
Aksel Lund Svindal 2"Grow Without You"Shaun Bartlett & Mua
Finseth & Friends"P. Machinery" PropagandaA Secret Wish
Crash Segment"Crash Segment"Foreground Set
Even Sigstad"By the Time I Get Home There Won't Be Much of a Place for Me"Grand NationalA Drink & a Quick Decision
Credits"Open Ye Dark Gates"DeastroKeepers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Matchstick Productions | Hit List | Ski Music Soundtrack

Matchstick Productions | Hit List | Music Soundtrack
Movie Description: Everybody has a hit list -- lines we hope to ski, places we want to go, and tricks we want to stomp. Matchstick Productions's 2005 release, "The Hit List", explores the goals of the world's best skiers in their quest to have fun, live the ultimate winter, and travel across the globe skiing.

"We captured it all, powder, park, cliffs, and jumps all set in the most beautiful locations in the World."

Red Bull energy drink and Matchstick Productions teamed up and chartered a 110-foot research vessel decked out with a private helicopter and travel up the coast of British Columbia in search of first descents. The results are mind-blowing! The trip included World Cup skier Daron Rahlves, Skier of the Year Mark Abma, and big mountain guru Chris Davenport. The zone they discovered was epic and so is the footage that was produced.

Date Released: 2005

Starring: Mark Abma, Ingrid Backstrom, Chris Benchetler,Rory Bushfield, Sarah Burke, Mike Douglas, Pep Fujas, Hugo Harrison, Eric Hjorleifson, JT Holmes, Andy Mahre, Shane McConkey, Eric Pollard, Mike Wilson

Teaser Music for Matchstick Productions | Hit List
Song: "I'm Not Trading"
Artist: Sunna
Album: One Minute Science
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Soundtrack for The Hit List by Matchstick Productions
Intro"Renegade" StyxStyx: Greatest Hits
Eric Hjorleifson"I'm Not Trading" SunnaOne Minute Science
Mike Douglas 1"Fell it"Full Scale
Mike Douglas 2"Golden Brown" The StranglersLa Folie
Heli Chase 1"Bullet and a Target" Citizen CopeBullet and a Target - Single
Heli Chase 2"She Sells Sanctuary" The CultLove
Girls Will Be Girls
Rory Rushfield"Don't Say Nuthin'" The RootsThe Tipping Point
Pep Fujas"Ghostwriter (Remix)" RJD2The Horror
Ingrid Backstrom"Southern Girls"Cheap TrickCheap Trick: Authorized Greatest Hits
Sarah Burke, Mike Wilson"Southern Belles In London Sing" The FaintWet from Birth
Andy Mahre"The Fear"SkindredBabylon
Shane McConkey"Angel" Massive AttackMezzanine
JT Holmes"Holy Diver" DioThe Very Beast of Dio
Mark Abma"Too Hot"Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Boat Trip 1"Holiday" ScorpionsBox of Scorpions
Boat Trip 2"Pistol of Fire" Kings of LeonAha Shake Heartbreak
Boat Trip 3"Shuffle Your Feet" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl
Hugo Harrison"Mountain Song" Jane's AddictionNothing's Shocking
Eric Pollard"Just What I Needed" The CarsThe Cars: Complete Greatest Hits
Chris Benchetier"Try" Sweatshop UnionUnited We Fall
Credits"Shuffle Your Feet" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl
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Tanner Hall | Show and Prove Ski Video Music Soundtrack

Tanner Hall | Show and Prove
Movie Description: Shot over a 6 month period during the winter of 2005/2006, Show And Prove chronicles the lives of professional skiers Tanner Hall and CR Johnson as they each struggle to overcome the greatest challenges of their lives. Follow Tanner across North America and Europe as he pushes himself and the boundary of the sport to a new level. Witness CR as he recovers from a life-threatening head injury and makes a comeback that is nothing short of miraculous. Ski bottomless powder, spin off huge cliffs, go behind the scenes at the X-Games, hit monster kickers, and slide the most technical rails ever, including the first rail to rail transfer. Show And Prove is a true story of progression featuring the most cutting edge skiing to date.

Teaser for Show and Prove
Song: "Blood Dem Out"
Artist: Turbulence
Album: Triumphantly

Starring: Tanner Hall, CR Johnson, Evan Raps, Seth Morrison, Skogen Sprang, Kye Petersen, Tanner Rainville, Corey Vanular, Anthony Boronowski, Sean Petittes

Soundtrack for Show and Prove by Tanner Hall & Bigger Picture
1"The Entertainer" Scott JoplinThe Entertainer
2"2000 Black" The MenheadsNighttripping All Night Long
3"Teardrop" Massive AttackMezzanine
4"From Creation" Thievery CorporationThe Richest Man in Babylon
5"Blood Dem Out" TurbulenceTriumphantly
7"Piano Sonata No.14, in C-sharp Minor "Moonlight", Op.27, I. Adagio sostenuto, No.2" Arthur RubinsteinThe Rubinstein Collection, Vol. 56 - Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp. 13 "Pathétique", 27/2 "Moonlight", 57 "Appassionata", 81a "Les Adieux"
8"Bald" The DarknessOne Way Ticket to Hell... and Back
9"Wheels of Fire" L.A. GunsCocked & Loaded
10"Jah Knows Best" SizzlaJah Knows Best
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Warren Miller's Children of Winter Music Soundtrack

Warren Miller's Children of Winter Music Soundtrack

Movie Description: Deep powder. Huge airs. World-class cinematography. It's all part of Warren Miller's Children of Winter, the world's largest action sports film, which is set to music by Radiohead, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Beck, and others. Warren Miller's 2008 Film Tour showcases spectacular footage shot in Japan, Austria, British Columbia, Alaska, and Iceland with jaw-dropping performances by an impressive assembly of world-class athletes, including Jonny Moseley, Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan, Seth Wescott, Gerry Lopez, and Wendy Fisher.

Timeless Warren Miller athlete Chris Anthony takes on Leadville, Colorado's legendary skijoring competition. Pep Fujas explores Silverton Mountain, the only backcountry ski resort in the United States. Teenage snowboard pro Ben Watts chases surf legend Gerry Lopez on Mount Bachelor's frozen waves. Skiing's top female athletes meet up in Crested Butte for the deepest powder in decades. And Jeff Annetts, Drew Stoecklein, and Derek Foose sail Iceland, skiing mountains that end in the ocean. Stefan Lessard of The Dave Matthews Band, Eric Fawcett of N.E.R.D, Adam Gardner of Guster, and Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies unite to form Yukon Kornelius—a supergroup who perform on and off the snow in Vermont and Colorado.

Teaser for Warren Miller's Children of Winter Movie
Song: "Ricky"
Artist: Division Day
Album: Beartrap Island

Starring: Adam Gardner, Andreas Hatveit, Andrew Shandro, Andy Mahre, Ben Watts, Billy Poole, Bradley Wilson, Bryon Wilson, Cam McCaul, Casey Puckett, Charles Gagnier, Chris Anthony, Colby West, Daron Rahlves, Darren Berrecloth, Derek Foose, Drew Stoecklein, Ed Robertson, Eric Fawcett, Eric Jackson, Gerry Lopez, Grete Eliassen, Jamie Pierre, Jason Biggs, Jeff Annetts, Jenn Berg, Jeremy Nobis, Jessica Sobolowski-Quinn, JJ Thomas, Joe Discoe, John Eaton, Jon Hatveit, Jon Olsson, Jonny Moseley, Josh Dirksen, Jossi Wells, Julian Carr, Kazu Kokubo, Kevin Quinn, Lynsey Dyer, Mads Jonsson, Marco Sullivan, Mark Landvik, Matt Hunter, Mike Henitiuk, Mike Morse, Pep Fujas, Peter Olenick, Rachael Burks, Reggie Crist, Ross Powers, Sammy Carlson, Seth Wescott, Simon Dumont, Stephan Lessard, Steve Peat, Steve Smith, Takehiro Sakamoto, Thomas Vanderham, Torstein Horgmo, Wendy Fischer, Yukon Kornelius, Zak Watkins

Soundtrack for Children of Winter by Warren Miller
Intro"Bodysnatchers" RadioheadIn Rainbows
Cordova, Alaska 1"Sunrise" Yeasayer2080 / Sunrise - Single
Cordova, Alaska 2"Bring It On" Lenny KravitzBring It On - Single
Cordova, Alaska 3"Tuefel-Hunden" karlophoneI Must Find This Karlophone...
Cordova, Alaska 4"Soul of a Man" BeckModern Guilt
Cordova, Alaska 5"Come Alive" Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Okemo, Vermont 1"When We First Met"Yukon Kornelius
Okemo, Vermont 2"Yukon Kornelius Theme Song"Yukon Kornelius
Okemo, Vermont 3"(Don't Fear) The Reaper"Yukon Kornelius
Okemo, Vermont 4"Wanna Be With You"Yukon Kornelius
Okemo, Vermont 5"We're Not Gonna Take It"Yukon Kornelius
Austria 1"Highway of Endless Dreams" M83Saturdays = Youth
Austria 2"Vengo! Vengo!" DeVotchKaUna Volta
Austria 3"Goliath" The Mars VoltaThe Bedlam In Goliath
Austria 4"THC"Jonathan Rice
Utah 1"All Day and All Night" Jakob DylanSeeing Things
Utah 2"Keep Off the Lawn" Aesop RockNone Shall Pass (Bonus Track Version)
Utah 3"Going On" Gnarls BarkleyThe Odd Couple
Utah 4"Pale Sun" Darker My Love2
Bend, Oregon 1"Gobbledigook" Sigur RósMed sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust
Bend, Oregon 2"Ready for the Floor (Album Version)" Hot ChipReady for the Floor - EP
Bend, Oregon 3"I Found Away (feat. Douglas P)" Alkaline TrioAgony & Irony (Deluxe Version)
Bend, Oregon 4"Cylinders" Fujiya & MiyagiTransparent Things
Bend, Oregon 5"Troublemaker" WeezerWeezer (Red Album) [Deluxe Edititon]
Sun Valley, Idaho"Hello Bonjour" Michael Franti & SpearheadYell Fire!
Steamboat, Colorado 1"Mister Jung Stuffed" Man ManRabbit Habits
Steamboat, Colorado 2"Holler Back" The Lost TrailersHoller Back
Steamboat, Colorado 3"Salute Your Solution" The RaconteursSalute Your Solution - Single
Newschool Jib"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On a Shaker Hymn)" WeezerWeezer (Red Album) [Deluxe Edititon]
Leadville, Colorado 1"Old Spur Line" Legendary Shack ShakersSwampblood
Leadville, Colorado 2"Easter Flesh" Legendary Shack ShakersSwampblood
Leadville, Colorado 3"Hellwater" Legendary Shack ShakersSwampblood
Crested Butte, Colorado 1"Thanks That Was Fun" Barenaked LadiesDisc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001
Crested Butte, Colorado 2"Rocketpop" Tripping DaisyI Am an Elastic Firecracker
Crested Butte, Colorado 3"The Moneymaker" Rilo KileyThe Moneymaker - Single
Crested Butte, Colorado 4"Center Of Attention"Yukon Kornelius
Snowboarding"White Room" CreamThe Very Best of Cream
Hakuba, Japan 1"The Other End of the Friend" karlophoneI Must Find This Karlophone...
Hakuba, Japan 2"A Brittle Filament" The One AM RadioThis Too Will Pass
Hakuba, Japan 3"Photocopier" Fujiya & MiyagiTransparent Things
Hakuba, Japan 4"Babylon of the Occident" The Shanghai Restoration Project & Amos WinbushReinterpretations (Bonus Version)
Mountainbike 1"Ship Lost at Sea" Phantom PlanetRaise the Dead (Bonus Track Version)
Mountainbike 2"The Age of the Understatement" The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age of the Understatement
Silverton, Colorado 1"Grim Reaper Blues" EntrancePrayer of Death
Silverton, Colorado 2"Diamond Hoo Ha Man" SupergrassDiamond Hoo Ha
Silverton, Colorado 3"Gone"The London Souls
Silverton, Colorado 4"In One Ear & Out the Other" Fujiya & MiyagiTransparent Things
Silverton, Colorado 5"Top Drawer" Man ManRabbit Habits
In Memory of Billy Poole"Sway" The KooksKonk (Bonus Track Version)
Iceland 1 "When I Still Needed You" Afro Celt Sound SystemAnatomic
Iceland 2 "Violet Hill" ColdplayViva la Vida
Iceland 3 "But, Honestly"Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Closing 1"Amazing"One Eskimo
Closing 2"Learning To Fly"Jeremiah James
Closing 3"Something About Your Love" Mason JenningsIn the Ever (Bonus Track Version)
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