Saturday, October 11, 2008

Matchstick Productions | Claim | Ski Music Soundtrack

Matchstick Productions | Claim

Teaser Music for Claim by Matchstick Productions
Song: "The Final Countdown"
Artist: Europe
Album: The Final Countdown

Movie Description: Somewhere along the line in all action sports it became uncool to show how stoked you were when you did something sick. What's that all about? Skiing is about that surge of adrenaline and stoke, not about feeling the hate of the image police. But at Matchstick, they are stoked, and they have to let it out!!! The result is "CLAIM", one of the Greatest Ski Videos Ever!!! Shot is the most amazing locations, and featuring the best and boldest skiers in the world today (Abma, Olsson, McConkey, Hjorleifson, and more), you must buy this DVD and claim your copy today.

MSP brings their award-winning approach to the table with “CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie... EVER!” this time poking fun at themselves and the industry as a whole. Highlights from the film include the introduction of 15-year-old phenom Sean Pettit, early season deep pow with Mark Abma, Matchstick’s return to Alaska over the course of four epic shoots, and a speed riding session from Chamonix, France.

“CLAIM” features several longtime MSP all-stars as well as a few newcomers, making up an A-list roster including Mark Abma, Ingrid Backstrom, Rory Bushfield, Chris Davenport, Simon Dumont, Stian Hagen, Hugo Harrisson, James Heim, Eric Hjorleifson, PK Hunder, CR Johnson, Shane McConkey, Sean Pettit, Chris Rubens, TJ Schiller, Colby West, Kaj Zackrisson, Antoine Montant, and Jacob Wester.

Soundtrack for Claim by Matchstick Productions
Intro 1"Folded up (and Tossed Aside)"His Boy Elroy
Intro 2"The Final Countdown" EuropeThe Final Countdown
Monashees - Mark Abma, CR Johnson, TJ Schiller"Meteorology" OverseerWreckage
James Heim"Awakened" Assisted LivingK-12
Shane McConkey Part 1"Pfarf"Trystero
Shane McConkey Part 2"Juke Box Hero" ForeignerNo End In Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner (Remastered)
Simon Dumont"Hunt" PerplexaThe Sun and the Moon Getting It On
Eric Hjorleifson"Homage to Patagonia" Lemon JellyLemon
Chris Rubens"He's a Wrecking Machine" Man Without WaxAnchor
Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen"Altitudes" Mike Coykendallhello Hello Hello
PK Hunder"Big Little Jeffrey"Ming & FS
Kaj Zackrisson Part 1"Bias"Ming & FS
Kaj Zackrisson Part 2"Thriller"His Boy Elroy
Hugo Harrisson"Reach for the Sky" Social DistortionSex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll
Colby West"It's Not Unusual" Tom Jones20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Tom Jones
Mark Abma"Wait for the Wintertime" YeasayerAll Hour Cymbals
Ingrid Backstrom"Hot (Live @ Digs)" HyimHyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra
Jacob Wester"Let's Dance to Joy Division" The WombatsA Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation
Crashes"New York Groove" Ace FrehleyKiss: Ace Frehley
Rory Bushfield"Remember Me" The KaxThe Kax
Antoine Montant"Last Movie"Contact
Sean Pettit"Over the Mountain" Ozzy OsbourneThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne
Credits"All Sons of Bitches" George Clinton & The P-Funk AllstarsDope Dogs
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