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Tanner Hall | Massive Ski Video Music Soundtrack

Tanner Hall | Massive Music Soundtrack
Movie Description: Tanner Hall and "The Massive" crew are on a shred mission. Follow the action from the super-pipe at Copper Mountain to the powder of Retallack, BC, then on to an urban assault on Salt Lake City. Then it's on to Austria, Canada, Alaska, and back home to Mt. Hood, OR. Tanner Hall, Sean and Callum Pettit, Ian McIntosh, Dan Flahr, and more go beyond big....beyond huge. THIS is The Massive.

Teaser Music for The Massive by Tanner Hall
Song: "Jah Rule the World"
Artist: Cali P.

Soundtrack for Massive by Tanner Hall
Intro"Purge Dem (Catch a Fire), Pt. II" Promoe featuring CapletonStandard Bearer
Copper Mt"Real Jamaican" Busy Signal & Mykal RoseGreensleeves Spring Sampler 2008
Retallack BC"You Don't Know Me" Soldiers of Jah ArmyGet Wiser

Jib Section"Clone"Cali P. & Tiwony
Donner, CA - St. Anton, Austria"We Had Enough"Luciano
Uinta Wilderness"Give Thanks for Life" Million StylezRiddim Driven: Guardian Angel
Pemberton BC"Everyday"Million Stylez
Ian McIntosh, Callum Pettit"See Weh Dem a Come From"Cali P.
Haines, Alaska"Jah Rule The World"Cali P.
Mt. Hood, Oregon"Roll Deep"Cali P.
Credits"It's All Right" Black DillingerGrow With Me - EP

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Level 1 Productions | Turbo | Ski Music Soundtrack

Level 1 Productions | Turbo | Ski Music Soundtrack
Movie Description: Turbo will not give your car an extra power boost or shave seconds off your quarter mile- but it might, just might, change the way you think about skiing. Turning it up a notch once again Level 1 followed their crew of dedicated skiers throughout North America in the unforgettable season of 2008.
A motion picture by Josh Berman
Sponsors: Dynastar, Lange, Freeskier Magazine, Spy Goggles, Spyder, Skull Candy, Jiberish, Level Handwear, Nike ACG, Bula, DNA, ISkier, Under Armour, 4Front, Amplid, Nordica, Volkl, Moment

Teaser for Turbo by Level 1 Productions
Teaser Music
Song: "Show Me the Season"
Artist: Maserati
Album: Inventions for the New Season

Starring: Jon Brogan, Corey Vanular, Liam Downey, Stefan Thomas, Steele Spence, Travis Redd, Tanner Rainville, Mike Clarke, JF Houle, JD Zicat, Wiley Miller, Mike Hornbeck, Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, Adam Delorme, Duncan Adams, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Josh Bibby, Will Wesson

Soundtrack for Turbo by Level 1 Productions
Intro"What We Are Destined to Do" Egadz!Shining Hours
Tanner Rainville"Rain Shower" SizzlaFreedom Cry
Mt Hood Session"Noir désir" Vive la FêteNuit Blanche
Tom Wallisch"Crimewave" Crystal Castles vs. HealthCrystal Castles (Bonus Track Version)
Wiley Miller"The Garden" Cut ChemistThe Audience's Listening
Ahmet Dadali, Will Wesson"Fanfare" Black ViolinBlack Violin
Liam Downey, Corey Vanular, Josh Bibby"Render Your Heart"SonRealGood Morning
BC Catskiing"Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Mix)" Pet Shop BoysFundamentalism
Mike Hornbeck"Let's Go" Pharoahe MonchDesire
Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme"Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi Remix)"Ghostface KillahGhostface Killah Remixes
Quebec, Canada"Violent and Young" Iglu & HartlyAnd Then Boom
Steele Spence"The Outsider" Lack of AfroPress On
Alaska"Saeglópur" Sigur RósSaeglopur - EP
Stefan Thomas part 1"Pathos" Darkest HourUndoing Ruin
Stefan Thomas part 2"Ethos" Darkest HourUndoing Ruin
Credits"Claim to Fame" DL IncognitoA Captured Moment In Time
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Teton Gravity Research | Under the Influence | Ski Music Soundtrack

Teton Gravity Research | Under the Influence
Movie Description:
Teton Gravity Research proudly presents its latest 16mm/HD ski and snowboard offering: UNDER THE INFLUENCE. This film is about the people, places and moments that define our riding. Follow the exploits of today’s top riders as they traverse the globe in search of the unique terrain and conditions that emerged from one of the deepest winters in recorded history. With UNDER THE INFLUENCE, TGR continues to rule the world of action sports cinematography, capturing the mind-blowing efforts of these athletes as never before seen. The Jackson Hole-based film crew scattered the planet as they filmed virgin spines in Alaska, cowboy park jumps at Grand Targhee, pillow popping deep in the Northwest, relentless powder in the Jackson Hole backcountry and so much more.

Teaser for Under the Influence by Teton Gravity Research
Teaser Music
Song: "Like That"
Artist: Panty Raid

Starring: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Seth Morrison, Sammy Carlson, Jeremy Jones, Jeremy Nobis, Kye Petersen, Shroder Baker, Victoria Jealouse, Wiley Miller, Dash Longe, Gigi Ruf, Erik Roner, Dylan Hood, Dana Flahr, Chris Collins, Ian McIntosh

Soundtrack for Under the Influence by Teton Gravity Research
1"Mountain" Cowboy JunkiesAt the End of Paths Taken
2"At World's End"BaumerWere It Not for You
3"Over the Ocean" Freddie Cruger featuring Desmond FosterSoul Search
4"Transmissions from Moon III (From the Soundtrack to Iris)" Random RabOnline Exclusives & Rarities, Vol. 1
5"Bring It On" GooseBring It On - EP
6"All the Same" Ki:TheorySave Our City - EP
7"Passing Over (feat. Jr. Reid, Lutan Fyah & Bouchaib Abdelh)" BolistikBolistik
8"Dream At Tempo 119"Silversun PickupsCarnavas
9"Al Mazika" Looptroop RockersGood Things
10"Breathe" FabolousReal Talk
11"Riot Going On (Featuring Ebbot Lundberg)" TeddybearsSoft Machine
12"L.E.S. Artistes" SantogoldSantogold
13"Welcome to Our New War" Story of the YearThe Black Swan
14"Open Fields (feat. Tony Moses)" BolistikBolistik
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Tanner Hall | Ski Videos, Posters, Signature Items & Skiing Gear

Tanner Hall | Ski Videos, Posters, Signature Items & Skiing Gear
Tanner Hall is widely considered the most popular skier in the world today. Some say he's the best skier, but we'll leave that one up to personal opinion. Tanner Hall is a legend in skiing and no one matches his marketability with outright freestyle skill. Tanner Hall has many products that follow his vision and skills to become some of the coolest items you can own for skiing. Tanner Hall Goggles, Tanner Hall skis, and more.

Tanner Hall Video Clip from Show and Prove
Song: "Blood Dem Out"
Artist: Turbulence
Album: Triumphantly

Tanner Hall Poster:
Description: Whistler BC by Powder Magazine

Tanner Hall Video List:
Massive (2008) - Tanner Hall and "The Massive" crew are on a shred mission. Follow the action from the super-pipe at Copper Mountain to the powder of Retallack, BC, then on to an urban assault on Salt Lake City. Then it's on to Austria, Canada, Alaska, and back home to Mt. Hood, OR. Tanner Hall, Sean and Callum Pettit, Ian McIntosh, Dan Flahr, and more go beyond big....beyond huge. THIS is The Massive.

Believe (2007) - Follow Tanner Hall and crew around the world in his latest ski film, Believe. Watch Tanner, Seth Morrison, Kyle Petersen, Sean Pettit, Callum Pettit, Anthony Borownowski, Ian Provo, Dan Treadway, CR Johnson and more as they take skiing to a level unlike anything you've ever seen before. Believe takes you from sessions in chest deep blower pow at Mt. Baker to a little cat time in Retallack, British Columbia. The journey continues while picking up major speed through Whistler, B.C., then on to a massive roadside session in Japan as the crew mashes the all time dirtiest pillows in Mica and up North to Haines, Alaska as Seth Morrison throws a 150+ double front flip to stop! Believe is the new standard in ski films, don't get left behind.

Show and Prove (2006) - Shot over a 6 month period during the winter of 2005/2006, SHOW & PROVE chronicles the lives of professional skiers Tanner Hall and CR Johnson as they each struggle to overcome the greatest challenges of their lives. Follow Tanner across North America and Europe as he pushes himself and the boundary of the sport to a new level. Witness CR as he recovers from a life-threatening head injury and makes a comeback that is nothing short of miraculous. Ski bottomless powder, spin off huge cliffs, go behind the scenes at the X-Games, hit monster kickers, and slide the most technical rails ever, including the first rail to rail transfer. SHOW & PROVE is a true story of progression featuring the most cutting edge skiing to date. Athletes: Tanner Hall, CR Johnson, Evan Raps, Seth Morrison, Skogen Sprang, Kye Petersen, Tanner Rainville, Corey Vanular, Anthony Boronowski and others. Crew: Constantine Papanicolaou, Tanner Hall and Even Raps.

Crunchtime (2006) - Poor Boyz Productions brings you the most skull-crushing, gut-twisting, bone-snapping crunches of all time. Witness avalanches, overshoots, cliff hucks and Chad Gap's worst slam ever! "Crunch Time" features interviews from Tanner Hall, Chris Bentchetler, Brandon Kelly and Anthony Boronowski as they recap on their worst moments of skiing ever.

Pop Yer Bottlez (2005) - Pop Yer Bottlez! is the highly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit WSKI 106. 5 time X-Games champion TANNER HALL and skiing icon CR JOHNSON team up once again with Producer/Director SHANE NELSON and POORBOYZ PRODUCTIONS to showcase some of today's sickest riders destroying everything in their path. Featuring epic segments from skiing superstars: TANNER HALL, CR JOHNSON, PEP FUJAS, TANNER RAINVILLE, KYE PETERSEN, CHRIS BIOLLO, SEAN & CAL PETIT and even a skiing/snowboarding segment with the infamous C-CREW.The Pop Yer Bottlez! sound track features today's hottest hip hop and dance hall music blazing over shooting locations in Sweden, British Columbia, Utah, Austria, California, Switzerland, Nevada, Oregon and France. Don't miss Tanner Hall's Switch 900 over Chad's Gap & season ending crash or CR Johnson's 360s both ways off a 70 foot cliff in Sanora.

WSKI 106 (2004) - Tanner Hall and Eric Iberg team up this year to bring you skiing most entertaining film to date, WSKI106. With Poor Boyz Productions, the leader in freestyle ski films, the best skiers of today and tomorrow, and one talented editor, the two have created a new recipe for ski films. WSKI106, shot in 16mm, brings you into the nine athletes ultra egos through a radio show format. Athletes include: Tanner Hall, CR Johnson, Eric Pollard, Dash Longe, Rory Silva, Kye Petersen, Sean Pettit, Mickael Deschenaux and Shoya Okasaki. With as many powerful ski shots as the rest of the big name film companies, this video separates itself from the pack by including more shots of an actual movie style with characters (ultra egos) and ideas. WSKI106 has over 2 hours of bonus segments, commercials, short films, team videos of sponsors, interviews, etc... WSKI106 has been everywhere this year. If you dont know about it, you should. LENGTH: 40 minutes....3 hours of DVD extras.

TGR 4: The Realm (2003) - TGRs mind blowing 4th release brings you the ultimate documentation of freeridings relentless revolution. This film covers the best of the best, from new school jib to big mountain insanity and everything in between. Witness unreal footage from competitions and sessions around the globe. Explore Jackson Hole, Alaska, Utah, Japan, British Columbia, Europe and New Zealand. Tow in to the biggest waves in the world at JAWS in Hawaii. POWDER magazine calls TGRs work, the best films in ten years. Enter THE REALM. Running Time: 60 minutes.

Best of Matchstick Productions (2003) - Now you can own all three award-winning videos in one box set! Ski Movie, Ski Movie II: High Society and Ski Movie III: The Front Line. Ski Movie III took Powder Magazine's "Best Movie of the Year" and it's no mystery how the Matchstick crew pulls it off. These movies feature some of the best athletes, locations and overall footage that any ski movie has ever produced. Morrison, McConkey, Dorion, Moseley, Auclair, W. Fisher, Oakden, Pollard, Fujas, Collins, Burge, McGovern, Davenport and Hall are just a few of the pros you'll see in this series. Bonus: Steve Winter & Murray Wais of Matchstick Productions bundled up the Best Of footage from The Hedonist, The Tribe, Fetish and Pura Vida four of the sickest ski videos from MSP. Second Nature is filled with bold tricks, treacherous vertical and a crash section brimming with high-speed, snowy cartwheels from your favorites including Morrison, Cummings and McConkey.

Blunt (2002) - Blunt, Jibtech Production's follow-up to the criticaly-acclaimed "Scandalous!," brings you the best action from the 2001-2002 ski season without the candy coating. Featuring today's top athletes--Tanner Hall, Mickael Deschenaux, Jon Olsson, Boyd Easley, and Pep Fujas--along with a host of up-and-comers.

Tanner Hall Signature Oakley Goggles:
Oakley Tanner Hall Crowbar Goggle - Adult - Scoring enough competition metal to start his own mint, Tanner Hall stands at the top of the freeskiing world. He has received the honor of Best North American Freeskier, winning gold in Slopestyle three consecutive years and earning gold twice in Superpipe at the Winter X Games. Movies that include Show and Prove and Believe showcase his talents as he rules untouched lines across the globe with the likes of Seth Morrison. Oakley wanted to salute this icon of winter sports, so they gave him one of the best goggles on the mountain and let him trick it out with his own unique style. The Metallic Black frame matches Tanner's sleek iconic style, and the strap is decked with the Rasta flag stripes and Lion of Judah, inspirations from his music and lifestyle. Landing his best tricks demands a wide-open view, so Oakley combined an extended lens size with contours that open up peripheral and downward vision. High Definition Optics (HDO) maintains razor-sharp clarity that's simply unbeatable, and specially engineered anti-fog treatment helps keep the lens clear. Comfort is key, so these goggles offer a true anatomical fit that uses strap connectors to balance pressure. The lightweight O Matter frame stays flexible when cold, and the triple layer of fleece foam wicks away sweat. No matter how hard it may try, UV can't get through the optically pure lens, and impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. The Tanner Hall edition of our Crowbar Snow goggle comes with a Microclear bag for storage and lens cleaning. Two lens color options let you optimize performance. Oakley's Black Iridium lens reduces glare and offers improved color recognition in bright sun. The High Intensity Persimmon lens improves depth perception under partly cloudy to overcast skies. Model Year: 2009

Tanner Hall Clothing:
Armada Digi Camo - Show your allegiance to the cause while keeping under cover in the Armada Men's Digi Camo Full-Zip Sweatshirt. Burly 80 / 20 poly-cotton heavyweight fleece is perfect for the drive to the base lodge, post-comp recaps, and contemplating the finicky Merlot that you'll no doubt be enjoying fireside with your latest conquest. The hood goes on your head, or not.

Armada Dirty Basic Logo Hoody - The Armada Dirty Basic Logo Hoody is Armada's most basic of its sweatshirts, but at the same time it is a classic look.

Tanner Hall Armada Skis:
T-Hall Alpine Ski - Tanner Halls pro model, the Armada T-Hall Alpine Ski mixes a jib-specific flex pattern with added rigidity for boards that you can ride all over the mountain. The T-Halls unique core profile produces flex points in front of and behind the foot to make butters, presses, and ollies easier. While not an especially stiff ski, this years T-Hall has enough beef to charge groomers, launch cat tracks, and hold its own in softer snow, not to mention bomb into huge tables without excessive chatter. Amadas S7 Base and 2.5 Impact Edge give this ski the durability to handle daily terrain park punishment.

Product Features
Lengths: 161cm, 166cm, 171cm, 176cm, 181cm
Dimensions: [176]117 /85 / 107mm
Turn Radius:
Construction: ABS
Core Material: AR Core 1 (wood)
Base: S7
Tail: Twintip
Binding System: No
Binding Included: No
Recommended Binding: No
Recommended Use: Park and pipe, all-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Armada Anchorage Ski Bag - The Anchorage Ski Bag fits all skis up to 191cm in length and will fit 2 pair of mounted skis. Add this ski bag as your primary gear storage on continental or global shred trips.
Features include:
-heavy duty roller wheels
-4 internal storage compartments for boots, outerwear, goggles, etc
-internal skis straps; side and end carrier handles; shoulder/luggage handle; and, purple interior

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Matchstick Productions | Claim | Ski Music Soundtrack

Matchstick Productions | Claim

Teaser Music for Claim by Matchstick Productions
Song: "The Final Countdown"
Artist: Europe
Album: The Final Countdown

Movie Description: Somewhere along the line in all action sports it became uncool to show how stoked you were when you did something sick. What's that all about? Skiing is about that surge of adrenaline and stoke, not about feeling the hate of the image police. But at Matchstick, they are stoked, and they have to let it out!!! The result is "CLAIM", one of the Greatest Ski Videos Ever!!! Shot is the most amazing locations, and featuring the best and boldest skiers in the world today (Abma, Olsson, McConkey, Hjorleifson, and more), you must buy this DVD and claim your copy today.

MSP brings their award-winning approach to the table with “CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie... EVER!” this time poking fun at themselves and the industry as a whole. Highlights from the film include the introduction of 15-year-old phenom Sean Pettit, early season deep pow with Mark Abma, Matchstick’s return to Alaska over the course of four epic shoots, and a speed riding session from Chamonix, France.

“CLAIM” features several longtime MSP all-stars as well as a few newcomers, making up an A-list roster including Mark Abma, Ingrid Backstrom, Rory Bushfield, Chris Davenport, Simon Dumont, Stian Hagen, Hugo Harrisson, James Heim, Eric Hjorleifson, PK Hunder, CR Johnson, Shane McConkey, Sean Pettit, Chris Rubens, TJ Schiller, Colby West, Kaj Zackrisson, Antoine Montant, and Jacob Wester.

Soundtrack for Claim by Matchstick Productions
Intro 1"Folded up (and Tossed Aside)"His Boy Elroy
Intro 2"The Final Countdown" EuropeThe Final Countdown
Monashees - Mark Abma, CR Johnson, TJ Schiller"Meteorology" OverseerWreckage
James Heim"Awakened" Assisted LivingK-12
Shane McConkey Part 1"Pfarf"Trystero
Shane McConkey Part 2"Juke Box Hero" ForeignerNo End In Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner (Remastered)
Simon Dumont"Hunt" PerplexaThe Sun and the Moon Getting It On
Eric Hjorleifson"Homage to Patagonia" Lemon JellyLemon
Chris Rubens"He's a Wrecking Machine" Man Without WaxAnchor
Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen"Altitudes" Mike Coykendallhello Hello Hello
PK Hunder"Big Little Jeffrey"Ming & FS
Kaj Zackrisson Part 1"Bias"Ming & FS
Kaj Zackrisson Part 2"Thriller"His Boy Elroy
Hugo Harrisson"Reach for the Sky" Social DistortionSex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll
Colby West"It's Not Unusual" Tom Jones20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Tom Jones
Mark Abma"Wait for the Wintertime" YeasayerAll Hour Cymbals
Ingrid Backstrom"Hot (Live @ Digs)" HyimHyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra
Jacob Wester"Let's Dance to Joy Division" The WombatsA Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation
Crashes"New York Groove" Ace FrehleyKiss: Ace Frehley
Rory Bushfield"Remember Me" The KaxThe Kax
Antoine Montant"Last Movie"Contact
Sean Pettit"Over the Mountain" Ozzy OsbourneThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne
Credits"All Sons of Bitches" George Clinton & The P-Funk AllstarsDope Dogs
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Rage Films | Such is Life | Ski Music Soundtrack

Rage Films | Such is Life | Skiing Movie

Movie Description: It takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate around its axis, 7 rotations in a week, and 365 rotations to make a ski film. Making a ski film is not a hobby for us, but a way of life. Filming begins at the first sighting of snowflakes and ceases at the first heat of June. 2008 was a great year for Rage. We award after award, including "Best Core Film at X-Dance, and "Best film at IF3. These awards, and our films, are a reflection on the dedication, perseverance, loyalty, and excitement our crew works for all year. Such is our lives..

Rage Films | Such is Life | Teaser
Song: "Time to Pretend"
Artist: MGMT
Album: Oracular Spectacular

Starring Skiers: AJ Burton, Ashley Battersby, Cody Townsend, Corey Felton, David Lesh, Derek Spong, Dylan Natale, Elyse Saugstad, Gus Kenworthy, Ian Cosco, Jamie Burge, Jessica Sobolowski, Kyler Cooley, LJ Strenio, Lynsey Dyer, Mark Dvorak, Mike Mertion, Nico Zacek, Richard Permin, Ryan Oakden, Taylor Felton, Tom Wayes

Soundtrack for Such is Life by Rage Films
Intro"Let the Drummer Kick" Citizen CopeCitizen Cope
Ian Cosco"The Storm" SnowgoonsIBoom Bap ProjectBlack Snow (Bonus Version)
Mike Mertion"And the Living Is Easy!" GutsNightmares On Wax Presents Wax On Records
Cody Townsend"Black Eyes" SnowdenAnti-Anti
Japan - Richard Permin"The Phonograph" Her Space HolidayLet's Get Quiet Vol. 1 - EP
Dylan Natale, Kyler Cooley"Instrumental"Paul Wall
Cordova, Ak"Candy Castle" Glass CandyB/E/A/T/B/O/X
LJ Strenio, Gus Kenworthy"Permanent Ink (beat By Vintage) Featuring Braille and Sivion" Surreal and DJ BalanceFuture Classic
Kyler Cooley, Nico Zacek"Hard Rain" Shout Out LoudsOur Ill Wills
Kyler Cooley"Crimewave" Crystal Castles vs. HealthCrystal Castles (Bonus Track Version)
Japan - Ashley Battersby, Ian Cosco"Electricity" Orchestral Manoeuvres In the DarkThe OMD Singles
Richard Permin"Heartbeats"Person People
Ryan Oakden"What Would Wolves Do?" Les Savy FavLet's Stay Friends
Mark Dvorak"Vanished" Crystal Castles vs. HealthCrystal Castles (Bonus Track Version)
AK Segment"Running Up That Hill" ChromaticsNight Drive
Kyler Cooley"Kingston" AyatollahNow Playing
David Lesh"Moving At the Speed of Life" AESOP, Living Legends & Slug
Dylan Natale"Day 'n' NiteKid CudiDay 'n' Nite - EP
AJ Burton, Derek Spong"The Warning" Hot ChipThe Warning
Credits"TSST"Person People