Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matchstick Productions | Push + Pull | Ski Music Soundtrack

Teaser for Push from Matchstick Productions
Song: "Mind's Eye"
Artist: Wolfmother
Album: Wolfmother

Movie Description
2 DVD set from Matchstick called Push and Pull. This is 2 hours and 20 minutes of action-- the top riders, the sickest places from all over the world, going beyond big. Matchstick is one of the best production houses and they never disappoint--you will watch this again and again. Here's what they wrote about it: Matchstick Productions presents, this two-disc set, featuring two videos for the price of one. PUSH, is the main feature and is the PULL all-athlete edited film. PUSH is the mainstream theatrical release showcasing more story creativity. PULL, is hardcore skiing and music, a look into the minds of our athletes. PUSH and PULL showcases mind-blowing freestyle in the worlds best parks and backcountry and leads the charge on the forefront of big mountain skiing. See what the record-breaking winter of 2006 produced with an all-star crew. Featuring: Shane McConkey, Mark Abma, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Ingrid Backstrom, Sarah Burke, Hugo Harrisson, Rory Bushfield and more. See what happens when 15 of the worlds best skiers have the winter of a lifetime. This is a region 0, universal format and plays on DVDs in any country.

Soundtrack for Push by Matchstick Productions
Intro"When the Lights Go Out" The Black KeysBlack Snake Moan
Pushing it - Injury Section"Take Me to the Hospital" The FaintSaddle Creek 50
Mark Abma"Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth" Marilyn MansonThe Golden Age of Grotesque
Hugo Harrisson"Step Child"Bran Van 3000
Norway - Ingrid Backstrom, Rory Bushfield, Eric Hjorleifson"Fortress" PinbackSummer In Abaddon
Simon Dumont"Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)" Fort MinorThe Rising Tied
Simon Dumont 2"War" CunninlynguistsSouthernunderground
Sarah Burke"Tony the Beat" The SoundsMusic and Lyrics
Eric Hjorleifson"Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Louis XIVFinding Out True Love Is Blind - Single
Shane McConkey"Mind's Eye" WolfmotherWolfmother
Ingrid Backstrom"Boys Wanna Be Her" PeachesImpeach My Bush
Rory Bushfield"Born With a Tail" SupersuckersThe Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers
Mike Wilson"Blood On the Streets" Goons Of DoomBikey Zomby - EP
Sammy Carlson, Simon Dumont, Mike Douglas, Mark Abma"Turning Japanese" The VaporsTurning Japanese - Best of the Vapors
Sammy Carlson"Stay in Line" GZA the GeniusLegend of the Liquid Sword
Eric Pollard"Soul Meets Body" Death Cab for CutiePlans
Chris Rubens, Mike Douglas"Rapture" HurtVol. 1
Simon Dumont"Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)" Fort MinorThe Rising Tied
Credits"She Wore Rat Skin Boots" Goons Of DoomBikey Zomby - EP

Soundtrack for Pull by Matchstick Productions
Intro"Nothing to Lose"Sweatshop Union
Rory Bushfield"When the Lights Go Out" The Black KeysBlack Snake Moan
Ingrid Backstrom"Soul Meets Body" Death Cab for CutiePlans
Ike Smith, Eric Pollard
Eric Pollard
Chris Rubens"Crank the Volume" Viking SkullBorn In Hell
Sammy Carlson"Stay in Line" GZA the GeniusLegend of the Liquid Sword
Simon Dumont"Remember the Name" Fort Minor featuring Styles of BeyondThe Rising Tied
Eric Hjorleifson"Mind's Eye" WolfmotherWolfmother
Sarah Burke"Boys Wanna Be Her" PeachesBoys Wanna Be Her - EP
Mike Douglas"Ode to the Sun" DredgCatch Without Arms
Jon Larsson"Come Home" Heroes & ZerosCircles - EP
Brandon Becker
Shane McConkey"Take Me to the Hospital" The FaintSaddle Creek 50
Daron Rahlves, JT Holmes"Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Louis XIVFinding Out True Love Is Blind - Single
Mike Wilson"Born With a Tail" SupersuckersThe Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers
Hugo Harrisson"Rapture" HurtVol. 1
Mark Abma"Stepchild"Bran Van 3000 feat Badar Ali KhanDiscosis
Mark Abma 2"Four Ton Mantis" Amon TobinSupermodified
Credits"Fortress" PinbackSummer In Abaddon
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where to Buy Ski Posters - Extreme or Lame?

Ski Posters - Buy them - Poster Art for Your Wall

Poster #1 - Skier Jumps from a Cliff

Rating: 2 of 5 stars
Poster Review: Guy jumps off cliff, snow sprays. Same standard shot we see a lot. This poster looks like the photo was taken in the 50s, so it may be great for those looking for a vintage look. You could even trick people into thinking it was a photo of dad out there pioneering first decents before you were even born!

Poster #2 - Vintage Ski Posters 2009 Wall Calendar

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Poster Review: This Calendar seems cool from the outside and the design elements are all there. This is classy work and shows your sofistication for art, without sacrificing your affinity for ski culture. Great to show co-workers your style and elegance, and to impress those who would have no idea what it is you do outside the office. Take a journey to the golden age of skiing with this one-of-a-kind calendar. Featuring vibrant vintage ski posters created by the best-known artists and graphic designers of the early twentieth century. Anyone who's been enchanted by the graceful and stylish sport of skiing will treasure this calendar showcasing the most sophisticated vintage ski posters. The posters featured were created by the best-known artists and graphic designers of the early twentieth century and capture the glamorous golden age of skiing.

* Includes posters from all over the world, representing the most prominent and famous ski areas and resorts around the globe.

* From the extraordinary Beekley International Collection of Skiing Art and Literature at Mammoth Ski Museum, which includes the world's largest known library of ski books and the finest collection of ski pictorial art and posters

Poster #3 - Challenge Ski Motivational Poster | Inspirational Art Print | Downhill Jump in the Clouds

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Poster Review: The top-selling poster from Amazon.com for a reason. This is the kind of poster for the hard working, those who push the limits in their daily life, who don't take no for an answer. Use this for your daily motivation to stay in charge of your life and to reach your goals. Challenge - Skier in Clouds PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMITS AND EXPERIENCE WONDERS YOU NEVER IMAGINED.
Size: 22x28 inches

Poster #4 - Ski Bum Vintage Movie Poster

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Poster Review: This is the type of wall accessory often found in college dorms rooms or frat houses. Ski bums and ex-ski bums alike can find reassurance that they are battling "the man" buy promptly hanging this poster up on the wall. It shows your independence and coolness, your hidden passion for doing the fun things in life. This poster gets more into fashion as it gets older, becoming a cult classic of posters for the skiing crowd. This 11" x 14" reproduction poster is from "The Ski Bum" (1971)

Poster #5 - Man Ski-Jumping over Road

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Poster Review: This is the coolest poster we've found to date. Classic, yet contemporary, stylish yet hardworking. A man jumps over the road and his women happily support him. Every man can relate to this poster and it shows that your woman should support your skiing the way these women do. If she doesn't, put this on your wall and use it as an inspiration to find a new girlfriend cause there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Level 1 Productions | Realtime | Ski Music Soundtrack

Realtime by Level 1 Productions
Movie Description:
With pros skiers like Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Matt Philippi and more filling its ranks, the Level 1 Productions Realtime Movie brings you amazing footage from around the world, filmed completely in HD. From backcountry booters to urban rails, the RealTime DVD showcases boundary pushing footage, brought together by award-winning film maker Josh Berman. The cinematography in this ski film will get your pre-season stoke roaring. The Realtime Movie DVD includes a 44-page booklet featuring thoughts from the athletes, some sweet stories, and a collection of Level 1's best photos of the year.

Realtime by Level 1 Productions Teaser
Song: "And It Rained All Night"
Artist: Thom Yorke
Album: The Eraser

Six months of skiing action. Lots of snow. Weeks of rain. Sun. Clouds. Fog. Blue Skies. Unforgiving concrete. Untracked landings. Low Pressure. High fives. Triple kinks. Double grabs. Too much speed. Not enough gas. Underrotated. Overtweaked. A chronological portrayal of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the ’06-’07 exactly as it happened. Level 1 brings you, “REALTIME.”

Locations: Denver CO, Hokkaido Japan, Sledneck MT, Wasatch Utah, Hitormiss Norway, Lake Tahoe CA, Whistler BC, Summit County CO, and Island Lake Lodge BC

Starring Skiers: Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Matt Philippi, Mike Clarke, Sean Decker, Richard Permin, Mike Hornbeck, Ahmet Dadali, Adam Delorme, Tom Wallisch, Corey Vanular, Liam Downey, Stefan Thomas, Steele Spence, Travis Redd, Dan Marion

Soundtrack for Realtime by Level 1 Productions
Intro"Start Shootin'" Little PeopleMickey Mouse Operation
Whistler/Vancouver"It's a Pity" Tanya StephensRiddim Driven: Doctor's Darling
Denver 1"Come Alive"TigaLoft Club, Barcelona
Island Lake Lodge"Systems"TychoThe Science of Things
Silverton/Aspen/Utah"The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" Clap Your Hands Say YeahClap Your Hands Say Yeah
Denver 2"Come Alive"TigaLoft Club, Barcelona
Nippon Open"Lush Life / Oh" Chicks on SpeedThe Un-Releases
Japan"Wreath of Barbs" WumpscutWreath of Barbs
Montana"Burning" The Whitest Boy AliveDreams
Crested Butte, CO"stakeout (donnerschlag Remix By Inter:sect)" freezepophi-five My Remix
Snowboard Co-op"The Outer Banks" The Album LeafIn a Safe Place
Keystone, CO"Fadin Away" The HackerMelodies en Sous-Sol
Montana"The Chills" Peter Bjorn and JohnWriter's Block
Alpine Jump/Norway"You Don't Know Me" Soldiers of Jah ArmyGet Wiser
Eclipse Snow Park, CO"Washed Your Car" Cloud CultAdvice from the Happy Hippopotamus
Echo Mt/Eclipse Snow Park/Copper Mt"Live In My Element" DL IncognitoOrganic Music for a Digitial World
Credits"The Safety Dance" Men Without HatsMy Hats Collection
Credits 2"Here Comes the Hotstepper" Ini KamozeHere Comes the Hotstepper

Rage Films | Enjoy | Ski Music Soundtrack

Rage Films - Enjoy

Rage Films Enjoy teaser
Song: "Sonata Rabidus"
Artist: Modus Operandi
Album: Higher Shapes

Movie Description:
Making a ski movie is a constant battle of conditions, terrain and travel. Our season began by driving all over the country chasing down handrails, as it continued, "global warming" and inconsistent snowfall patterns became our biggest obstacle. This made us quickly learn that we had to be on-call, ready to be anyplace at any time. From greasing handrails in New York to perfect conditions in Alaska, our crew was there at a moments notice. Often it meant waking up at 6 am and digging for hours, building a jump that wouldn't be hit until the following day. Or being stuck in AK for days on end watching the snow fall, anticipating the moment it clears. Then only to negotiate slides, lines, and exposures that challenged even our most seasoned riders. In the end we were rewarded with the most technical urban, progressive backcountry, and big mountain lines that has redefined skiing to us. Enjoy.

Corey Felton

Soundtrack for Enjoy by Rage Films
Tom Wallisch"Wet and Rusting" MenomenaFriend and Foe
Taylor Felton, Corey Felton"Hard to Be Hip Hop" ClassifiedHitch Hikin' Music
Tom Wallisch"Intro" LD & Ariano featuring Carlos "Lobsta" SnyderA Thin Line
Wiley Miller, Mike Hornbeck"Haunted and Nervous"Sizzla2 Strong
Banks Gilberti, Burton, PerminGZA the Genius, La the Darkman, Ras Kass, Scarmanga, Shallah & Think Differently MusicWu-tang Meets The Indie Culture [Explicit]
Europe"Decipher Reflections"PlayRadioPlay!
JOI"Praiano" Kool Kojak ComandanteBrazil Remixed 2
Enak Gvaggio"Nike Air (Hands In the Air)" Mr. VegasHeads High
Daron Rahlves"Alive or Dead" The DraftIn a Million Pieces
Tim Durtschi"All This Love"The SimilouAll This Love - EP
Kyler Cooley"Blue Eyes"We Got Company
12"You Don't Know Her Name" MapsWe Can Create (Bonus Track Version)
Girls Segment"Frenzy Eyes" EmmonThe Art and the Evil
Tim Russell"Sonata Rabidus" Modus OperandiHigher Shapes
Ahmet Dadali"Lux Aeterna" Clint MansellRequiem for a Dream
Reggie Crist"Fall from Paradise" ClassifiedHitch Hikin' Music
Mark DvorakJ-Live, R.A. The Rugged Man, & Think Differently Music Wu-tang Meets The Indie Culture [Explicit]
Ian CoscoAesop Rock, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, & Think Differently Music Wu-tang Meets The Indie Culture [Explicit]
Dylan NataleThink Differently MusicThe Great Migration [Explicit]
Credits"Tech Romance"Her Space HolidayThe Young Machines

Poor Boyz - Yeah Dude Music Soundtrack

Poor Boyz - Yeah Dude Ski Video
Movie Description:

Teaser for Yeah Dude Ski Movie by Poor Boyz
Song 1: "Extreme Ways"
Artist: Moby
Album: 18

Song 2: "Hip Hop Beat 066"
Artist: Ansane

If you’re a Poor Boyz fan, you’ve probably noticed PBP’s movies follow a formula: The world’s best riders + sick locations + sick action – filler = the best ski movie of the year. PBP’s 2007 release Yeah Dude follows the Poor Boyz tradition of scintillating action, sending crews to all points of the globe to capture the year’s best skiing. But when it came time to assemble the pieces, PBP started expanding its repertoire. Once the snow melted, many of Yeah Dude’s athletes and crew members visited the Poor Boyz studios to give candid accounts of their seasons. The result is a much more intimate portrait of the Poor Boyz crew than you’re used to, but without any consequent lulls in the action. Yeah Dude gives you all the skiing action you expect from PBP. But Yeah Dude is unlike any ski movie you’ve seen before.

Starring: Sammy Carlson, Andreas Håtveit, Peter Olenick, Chris Benchetler, Simon Dumont, Julien Regnier, JP Auclair, Tim Russell, John Spriggs, Craig Coker, John Symms, JF Cusson, Anthony Boronowski, Mike Henitiuk, Tim Durtschi, Matt Walker

Soundtrack for Yeah Dude by Poor Boyz Productions
Intro"Yellow"J Girls
Whistler BC"Dream On" Depeche ModeExciter
Tim Durtschi"Today" Junkie XLToday
Calgary, Alberta"Naughty Eye"Timbaland
Peter Olenick"The Second Coming" Juelz Santana + Just BlazeThe Second Coming - Single
Us Open Big Air Progression"Down Down Down" The PresetsBeams
7"Keeping Up With the Joneses" The Medic DroidWhats Your Medium
Europe"From Out of Nowhere" Faith No MoreThis Is It - The Best of Faith No More
Denver, Colorado - John Spriggs"Track 2"Murder Da Kritikz
Simon Dumont - Halfpipe"This Is a Sight We Had One Day from the High Mountain" MaseratiInventions for the New Season
Tim Russell, Craig Coker"Oh Yeah" YelloStella
Schweitzer Super Park"On the Edge of Something Beautiful (at 12AM)" Every Move a PictureOpposition Party
Sammy Carlson"Mr. Right" Mickey AvalonMickey Avalon
Christian Sirianni, Mike Henitiuk"Boom Shaka Laka"Shaggy
Kyler Cooley"Addicted" The FrailCount On This - EP
Nebraska"Green-Eyed Lady"SugarloafAlive In America
Andreas Håtveit"Hysteria" MuseAbsolution
John Symms"Cross Eyed Mary" Jethro TullAqualung
Alaska"Horse Whipper"AsgFeeling Good Is Good Enough
Chris Benchetler"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Santa EsmeraldaSanta Esmeralda: Greatest Hits
Credits"Life Is a Highway" Tom CochraneMad Mad World