Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lynsey Dyer: The best in women's freeskiing

A promotional video shocasing one of the biggest cliffs a female has ever hit and stuck the landing featuring Lynsey Dyer. She is one of the best female skiers in the world. With numerous contest wins behind her belt and good sexy looks, Lynsey is sure to give you a smile and pump you up to ski and meet some ski bunnies like this.

Warren Miller's Impact Music Soundtrack

Check out Warren Miller's Impact for fast action, intense skiing, snowmobiling, skydiving, snowboarding, and traveling action. From insane crashes and big airs to cliff drops and ice chutes. Warren Miller is the world's biggest budget producers of Ski Films and this teaser proves why. Never before have athletes come so close to death, yet lived to tell it all. To live to see another day is a blessing, and thats why you should appreciate the crazieness of ski movies like this one and go out and do something crazy yourself. Learn how to do it from the best crew Warren Miller could assemble in Impact.

Starring Skiers: Chris Anthony, Hugo Harrisson, Ingrid Backstrom, Jeremy Nobis, Kelly Clarke, Mark Amba, Sarah Clemensen, Wendy Fisher

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Music Soundtrack
Warren Miller's Impact

Section: Intro
Song: "II B.S."
Artist: Charles Mingus
Album: Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus

Section: Intro 2
Song: "Get Free"
Artist: The Vines
Album: Highly Evolved

Section: Alaskan Amusement Park (Cordova, AK) 1
Song: "Get Your Snack On"
Artist: Amon Tobin
Album: Supermodified

Section: Alaskan Amusement Park (Cordova, AK) 2
Song: "N.Y."
Artist: Doves
Album: The Last Broadcast

Section: Alaskan Amusement Park (Cordova, AK) 3
Song: "Rip Rap"
Artist: Josh Martinez
Album: Buck Up Princess

Section: Alaskan Amusement Park (Cordova, AK) 4
Song: "Ride"
Artist: The Vines
Album: Winning Days

Section: Alaskan Amusement Park (Cordova, AK) 5
Song: "Bohemian Like You"
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Album: Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia

Section: Testing Skis and Cheese (Chamonix, FR)
Song: "Hijack"
Artist: Thievery Corporation & Thunderball
Album: Abductions and Reconstructions

Song: "Chicken-Bone Circuit"
Artist: RJD2
Album: Deadringer

Song: "New Energy"
Artist: Gram Rabbit
Album: Music to Start a Cult To

Section: Globetrotting Girls (Blue River, BC, Bear Mt., CA & Copper Mt., CO)
Song: "Energy Drink"
Artist: Ugly Duckling
Album: Taste the Secret

Song: "Believe"
Artist: Yellowcard
Album: Ocean Avenue

Section: Staying Pale in Alberta (Alberta, CN)
Song: "Road Trip"
Artist: Steriogram
Album: Schmack

Section: Backcountry BBQ (Bridger Range, MT)
Song: "Don't Know Where We're Going"
Artist: Gomez
Album: Split the Difference

Song: "Walking Backwards"
Artist: Molly Venter
Album: Molly Venter

Song: "Lust for Life"
Artist: Iggy Pop
Album: Lust for Life

Section: Snorkel Deep (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Song: "Wicked Twisted Road"
Artist: Reckless Kelly
Album: Wicked Twisted Road

Song: "Shiver"
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Parachutes

Section: Warren's Angels (Deer Valley, UT)
Song: "Good Time Boys"
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Mother's Milk

Song: "The Champ"
Artist: Kingpin Superstar

Song: "Just Because"
Artist: Jane's Addiction
Album: Strays

Section: Blurring the Lines (Davos, Switzerland)
Song: "We Used to Be Friends"
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Album: Welcome to the Monkey House

Song: "Rebel Yell"
Artist: Billy Idol
Album: Billy Idol: Greatest Hits

Section: World's Fastest Rope Tow (Acapulco, Mexico)
Song: "Mona"
Artist: Federico Aubele
Album: Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Song: "Senorita"
Artist: Omar Torrez
Album: La Danza en Mi Corazon

Song: "Contigo"
Artist: Federico Aubele
Album: Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Song: "Dejame en Paz"
Artist: Ozomatli
Album: Street Signs

Section: Credits
Song: "The Road Leads Where It's Led"
Artist: Secret Machines
Album: Now Here Is Nowhere

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Compare Ski Vacations - Argentina & Chile Ski Resort Links

Looking for somewhere to spend a ski vacation during the summer? Then you should check out Argentina & Chile. These countries are in the Southern Hemisphere, which means when its summer in Northern Hemisphere ski resorts in the United States and Europe, its winter down there. The typical winter season can run from May-Late October in these ski resorts. I suggest you spend your money on a ski vacation this summer instead of the normal places you go every summer.

Hot Resort Ski Vacation Links:


Valle Nevado Ski Resort - Features Ski in, Ski Out all inclusive Hotel Stay Packages. Dry Andean Powder, with heli-rentals accessing world-class terrain 5-10 minutes from the resort. They have a world class halfpipe, high-speed quads, and amazing sunsets.
El Colorado Taking your vacation to El Colorado Ski Resort is the way to go for the ski bum who wants to stay a while. Get yourself a rented apartment in Farellones, and you can ski or snowboard home from the infamous El Colorado Happy Hour party every night of the week. Interconnected between La Parva and Valle Nevado,with seperate lift tickets for each resort, El Colorado is known as the place with the best terrain park in Chile. We rate the park about as good as a 3 star park in any mountain in the world, but the backcountry access available is insane.
Termas de Chillan - Backcountry Paradise, Termas de Chillan is home of the Gran Hotel, Casino, and Hot Springs. If you rent a room at this hotel, you'll be sure to see US Olympic Ski Team members in the hotel lobby and training on the slopes as well as others from around the globe. The Gran Hotel has an amazing Termas (Hot Spring Pool) where you can relax the muscles after a long hard day of riding powder.
las araucarias lonquimay
la parva
cerro mirador
chapa verde


cerro catedral
cerro bayo
cerro castor
las lenas

Friday, April 4, 2008

Learn to ski (Chapter 1 - Philosophy of skiing)

"The way to better skiing" Learn how to ski through 11 professional teaching videos. Six of the best Danish ski instructors shows skiing for all levels in all terrain. Lasse Lyck, Klavs Klavsen, Rasmus Lundby, Tue Bak, Martin Hulten and Pernille Hornhaver.

Learning to Ski is a difficult thing or an easy thing depending on how much effort you are willing to put into it. Starting out with some lessons with the pros will get your ski maneuvers started into doing it the right way instead of the wrong way.

Ski Freeride Part 1

A young French Vice World Champion skiing INSANE mountain faces. FREERIDE 1st Part Promo footage
Part 2 is much more Impressive... you are the only judge...
Check out more from these guys at