Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sexy Ski Babe crashes in her Bikini - How COLD!!!

Why this girl was wearing a bikini, who knows? It looks cold out on the slopes, yet she decided to do her ski race in a bikini. Its funny how the normally bored crowd is suddenly transfixed on this competitor. I especially like the perfect angle the camera man had for the crash at the end.

We love bikinis. We love skiing. But ladies, some things shouldn't mix unless you know what you're doing. Watch this video as constructive criticism, because we love the ladies and don't want to see them....hurt.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

POP YER BOTTLEZ DVD Review & Music Soundtrack

Pop Yer Bottlez features Pep Fujas, CR Johnson, Tanner Rainville, Tanner Hall, Chris Biollo, Cal & Sean Petit, Kye Peterson,C-Crew, and more. By The Bigger Picture Productions & Poor Boyz. This ski movie features the famous switch Chad's Gap jump by Tanner Hall. Switch everything, big ass jumps, all-new rail tricks, big stunts, big airs, clean pillow drops, and big cliffs. This is for the new freestyle movement in skiing. If you're old school, this video isn't for you. If you like the drinking, partying, rock star skier lifestyle, then POP YER BOTTLEZ
Sponsored by: Oakley, Salomon, Giro, Armada, Spyder, Smith, Freeskier, and Electric Goggles.

Soundtrack for POP YER BOTTLEZ by Poor Boyz Productions
1"Baller Blockin' (Edited Version)" Cash Money Millionaires featuring E-40
2"Make a Toast"Az feat Ali Vegas
3"Bow Wow (That's My Name)"Lil Bow WowBeware of Dog
4"Life" LyricsonBorn to Go High
5"My World (I want it)"DJ Smurf
6"The Machine" CormegaLegal Hustle
7"More Gangsta Music" Cam'Ron & Juelz SantanaPurple Haze
8"The Vibes" Sizzla (feat. Capelton)Be I Strong
9"Once Again" AZAziatic
10"Like Glue" Sean PaulDutty Rock
11"El Revisio (La Revista)"CR Johnson

Monday, January 14, 2008

Learn to Ski in the Terrain Park

Objective: Introduce basic skills to skiers looking to visit the park for the first time. This a very thorough lesson that teaches everything a skier would need to know before visiting the a terrain park. Safety, boxes, grabs, jumps, etc. Know the basics to earn style points with your friends.
This video will help you get out their and start skiing in the park and prepare you for the improvement from beginner skier to terrain park master. Learn some new tricks, get more comfortable with your skiing and have fun.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A skier does a switch to switch backflip to flat!

A skier does a switch to switch backflip to flat!