Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ski Porn by Poorboyz Music Soundtrack

Teaser for Poorboyz Ski Porn Movie
Song: "Apache"
Artist: Fatboy Slim

Poorboyz presents Ski Porn a new ski movie that will keep the porn in skiing alive and naked.
I like the box cover design on this dvd, the bright flourescent colors draw you in for the purchase and the cool name and titling show you how this is a quality production.
Movie Description:
Johnny Decesare is proud to present his latest explosive, eppic alpine thriller Ski Porn. Johnny, his crew of top-shelf cinematographers, and the best freeskiers on the planet tackle the latest challenges that backcountry and urban skiing has to offer. This year Ski Porn looks forward to continuing Poor Boyz goal in blowing our minds.

Decesare is an award-winning producer of epic ski films with over a decade of experience, including last years Powder Magazine movie of the year - War.

Highlights: Pep Fujas never before seen tricks in AK, Simon Dumont busting over 20ft in a private half-pipe, Candide Thovex proving why he won Jib of the Year, JP Auclair and Seth Morrison double teaming the deepest powder PoorBoyz has ever captured.

Soundtrack for Ski Porn by Poorboyz
Intro"Joker and the Thief"WolfmotherWolfmother
Sammy Carlson"Out of the Box" DL IncognitoLife's a Collection of Experiences
Jon Olsson"Apple Tree" WolfmotherWolfmother
Pep Fujas"Windsurfing Nation" Broken Social SceneBroken Social Scene
Vincent Dorion, TJ Schiller"Between Us & Them" Moving UnitsDangerous Dreams
Peter Olenick"Too Hot"Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Gerte Eliassen, Kristi Leskinen,
Michelle Parker
"The Major" TownshipIn the Beginning
Candie Thovex, Jacob Wester,
Seth Morrison
"Reason Is Treason" KasabianThe O.C. Mix 5
Julien Reginier"Maritime (Mike Patton Remix, Album Version)" IsisOceanic: Remixes And Reinterpretations
Chris Benchetler"Age of Consent" New OrderPower, Corruption and Lies
Andreas Hatveit"Heaven Knows" Rise AgainstRevolutions Per Minute
Simon Dumont"Master the Art" GreyboyNo Categories 4 - A Ubiquity Compilation
Andy Mahre"White Rabbit" Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow
JP Auclair"My War"Good RiddanceCover Ups
JP Auclair 2"I Just Want to Celebrate" Rare Earth20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rare Earth
JP Auclair 3"Sé Lest" Sigur RósTakk...
Credits"Sofy"Marc-Andre Belliveau & Sans Bon Sens
Credits"Boys and Girls are Recyclable"Marc-Andre Belliveau & Sans Bon Sens
Pep Fujas' Original Edit"The Sea" MorcheebaBig Calm

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