Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ski Porn by Poorboyz Music Soundtrack

Teaser for Poorboyz Ski Porn Movie
Song: "Apache"
Artist: Fatboy Slim

Poorboyz presents Ski Porn a new ski movie that will keep the porn in skiing alive and naked.
I like the box cover design on this dvd, the bright flourescent colors draw you in for the purchase and the cool name and titling show you how this is a quality production.
Movie Description:
Johnny Decesare is proud to present his latest explosive, eppic alpine thriller Ski Porn. Johnny, his crew of top-shelf cinematographers, and the best freeskiers on the planet tackle the latest challenges that backcountry and urban skiing has to offer. This year Ski Porn looks forward to continuing Poor Boyz goal in blowing our minds.

Decesare is an award-winning producer of epic ski films with over a decade of experience, including last years Powder Magazine movie of the year - War.

Highlights: Pep Fujas never before seen tricks in AK, Simon Dumont busting over 20ft in a private half-pipe, Candide Thovex proving why he won Jib of the Year, JP Auclair and Seth Morrison double teaming the deepest powder PoorBoyz has ever captured.

Soundtrack for Ski Porn by Poorboyz
Intro"Joker and the Thief"WolfmotherWolfmother
Sammy Carlson"Out of the Box" DL IncognitoLife's a Collection of Experiences
Jon Olsson"Apple Tree" WolfmotherWolfmother
Pep Fujas"Windsurfing Nation" Broken Social SceneBroken Social Scene
Vincent Dorion, TJ Schiller"Between Us & Them" Moving UnitsDangerous Dreams
Peter Olenick"Too Hot"Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Gerte Eliassen, Kristi Leskinen,
Michelle Parker
"The Major" TownshipIn the Beginning
Candie Thovex, Jacob Wester,
Seth Morrison
"Reason Is Treason" KasabianThe O.C. Mix 5
Julien Reginier"Maritime (Mike Patton Remix, Album Version)" IsisOceanic: Remixes And Reinterpretations
Chris Benchetler"Age of Consent" New OrderPower, Corruption and Lies
Andreas Hatveit"Heaven Knows" Rise AgainstRevolutions Per Minute
Simon Dumont"Master the Art" GreyboyNo Categories 4 - A Ubiquity Compilation
Andy Mahre"White Rabbit" Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow
JP Auclair"My War"Good RiddanceCover Ups
JP Auclair 2"I Just Want to Celebrate" Rare Earth20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rare Earth
JP Auclair 3"Sé Lest" Sigur RósTakk...
Credits"Sofy"Marc-Andre Belliveau & Sans Bon Sens
Credits"Boys and Girls are Recyclable"Marc-Andre Belliveau & Sans Bon Sens
Pep Fujas' Original Edit"The Sea" MorcheebaBig Calm

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Warren Miller's Off the Grid Soundtrack

Movie Description: Warren Miller's "Off the Grid" is the latest ski movie from the world's most well known and longest lasting movie producer, Warren Miller. These movies have the best stories, craziest stunts, most traveling, and best riders in all of the sport of skiing. Kick back and get ready to be shocked by the amazing things you will see in this movie from Warren Miller.
Date Released: 2006
Starring:Charlotte Moats, Chris Eby, Jaime Pierre, Martin Winkler, TJ Schiller, Simon Dumont, Andreas Hatveit, Sammy Carlson, Peter Olenick, John Spriggs, Fredrick Klabermatten, Mads Jonsson, Jenn Berg, Julien Carr, Jamey Parks, Jeremy Nobis, Aaron Ward, Brady Johnson, Fred Mooney, Tyler Robertson, Toby Dawson, Kelly Slater, Schroder Baker, Dan Treadway, Manu Gaidet, Chris Anthon, Lynsey Dyer, Mike Mannelin, Reggie Crist, Zach Crist, Pep Fujas, Jon Olsson, JP Auclair, Peter Olenick, Andy Mahre, Candide Thovex, Andreas Hatveit, Jacob Wester, Julien Regnier, Anthony Boronowski, Chris Benchetler, Max Mancini, Herb Manning, Arnie Backstrom, Nicky Wieveg, Stephan Maurer, Julien Haricot, Bryce Phillips, Monte Meier, Kevin Bramble, Kevin Quinn, Dean Conway, Doug Coombs, Seth Wescott
Locations: Vail, CO - Utah - Winter Park, CO - Kashmir, India - Montana - Alaska - Steamboat, CO - Japan - Switzerland - Austria - More
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Off the Grid
Song: ****Please Leave a Comment if you know

Soundtrack for Off the Grid by Warren Miller
1"Stay Human (All the Freaky People)" Micheal Franti & SpearheadStay Human
2"Revelations" AudioslaveRevelations
3"The National Anthem" The High FidelityDemonstration
4"Baho Ang Titi Mo" Sweatshop UnionNatural Progression
5"Maki Madni" The Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise
6"Yoga Means Union" Ambulance LtdLP
7"Certain Kind of Light" Gus BlackAutumn Days
8"Bouncing Off the Walls" SugarcultMTV Presents Laguna Beach - Summer Can Last Forever
9"Amazin'" Mr. OzwaldThe Road to Riches
10"Smoked" The Crystal MethodLondon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
11"Sick Girl"Young People with FacesYoung People with Faces
12"Come One, Come All" Scratch TrackUnreleased Sessions
13"Funky Good Time" Scratch TrackThe Simple
14"15 Minutes" Wired All WrongBreak Out the Battle Tapes
15"Tomorrow & Every Day After"Grudge
16"Positivity" I-WolfPresents Soul Strata
17"Bom Bom Bom" Living ThingsAhead of the Lions
18"Half a Cell" CirrusCounterfeit
19"Garbage Love Songs" Sweatshop UnionNatural Progression
20"Funk Yo Mind"Boots Wallace
21"Tweeker Shred Master"Darin TalbotAround Tahoe
22"Have a Heart" Simon DawesCarnivore
23"Lazy.b" The High FidelityDemonstration
24"Union Dues" Sweatshop UnionBattle Axe Warriors III
25"Doors of Perception" Thievery Corporation & Doors of Perception featuring Gunjan"The Cosmic Game"
26"Serpents"Nitin Sawhney
27"Nadia"Nitin Sawhney
28"How We Operate" GomezHow We Operate
29"The Search" Nitin SawhneyPhiltre
30"Homelands"Nitin SawhneyAll Mixed Up
31"Mountain Song"Boots Wallace
32"Country Girl" Primal ScreamRiot City Blues
33"Mannelin Medley"Boots Wallace
34"Oh My" MellowdroneBox
35"The Landing" OctajohnThe Landing EP
"Original Fire"
37"Medicate" Wired All WrongBreak Out the Battle Tapes
38"Comin For Me First"Salem
39"Reap What I Sow" The TruthRaw
40"The Pageant of the Bizarre" Zero 7The Garden
41"We Fight Back"Boots Wallace
42"Shaved Ice"Brazil 2001
1"Elevatin" Wired All WrongBreak Out the Battle Tapes
2"Trails (Spike Jonze DVD Trailer)" Squeak E. CleanFilm, TV & Internet Singles - EP
3"Save Me Sorrow" Bullets and OctaneIn The Mouth of the Young
4"In the End" GloveboxIn the End
5"Hide and Seek" Imogen HeapSpeak for Yourself
6"Great Spirit" SoftGone Faded
7"I Am the Highway" AudioslaveAudioslave
8"Human" Big City RockBig City Rock
9"Stay Human (All the Freaky People)" Micheal Franti & SpearheadStay Human
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dangerous Ski Crash at Night

One of the worst crashes I've ever seen on skis. Listen as the competitor slams hard trying to gap a scaffolding jump. Filmed at El Colorado,Chile during their annual night contest where you can win $1000

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tanner Hall Crash on Chad's gap

Tanner Hall is the world's best skier. Sometimes even the best get broken off and injured. Tanner was attempting the world famous Chad's Gap in Utah, when he came up short and broke both his ankles. Amazingly it only took him 3 months to recover.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ski Double Backflip

Ski Double Backflip - WOW! - The funniest videos are a click away

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Skicar. A car made of Skis ?

Found this photo searching the web, is this thing for real? Lets all get ski cars to drive us into the backcountry. Where can you find them? Snowmobiles, who needs those when you have a snowcar?

tony gallina and his homie karl!

this would be me and good buddy karl hitting up the sloaps of Buttermilk mountain in aspen colorado.

60' Cliff on Skis. Extreme drop!!!!!!!

This guy lived in Winter Park last year and filmed all year long. This is his video part from a ski video. He does a double back flip and rotates a 1440. This kid is so gnarly! Watch for him in the X-games or gravity games. Or the ski olympics.

Skier Jamie Pierre breaks the World Record for Biggest Ski Jump

Skier Jamie Pierre breaks the world record for Biggest Ski Jump Ever. The world record ski jump is now held by Jamie Pierre for his 280ft cliff drop. Jamie is a fearless cliff jumper who doesn't feel challenged if he isn't dropping a 100ft cliff or more. This cliff is located in the backcountry of Grand Targhee ski resort.

This is a scene from the TGR movie Anomaly.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Toxic Boys 07 Ski Teaser

The Toxic Boys from Edinburgh, Scotland present their ski teasers. Apparently its an Bargundi production. These guys ride dry slopes and try and throw down.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teton Gravity Research Presents Anomaly

From leading action sports producer Teton Gravity Research comes a film that departs from the common order of skiing and snowboarding.

Anomaly TGR's newest 16mm and HD ski and snowboard release showcases the freakish and abnormal abilities of today's top athletes as they push the boundary of what is humanly possible. Join these athletes as they forge into a brave new world of riding in locations around the globe. The anomaly unfolds as Jeremy Jones continues to touch the void in Alaska, Erik Roner completes his disturbing two-year vision, Jamie Pierre survives a world record 25-story free fall, Seth Morrison and Candide prove why they are at the top of the game and newcomer Ian MacIntosh opens the doors to the future of big mountain riding.

Watch the riders adapt to the dynamic mountain terrain in Japan, Morocco, Jackson Hole, Alaska, Aspen, British Columbia, Switzerland, Corsica, Whistler, Oregon, and France.

Deviates: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Jeremy Jones, Jeremy Nobis, Chris Collins, Seth Morrison, Jamie Pierre, Victoria Jealouse, Candide Thovex, Kye Petersen, Ian MacIntosh, Erik Roner, Marc Andre Belliveau, Mark Carter, Skogen Sprang, Jonas Emery, Dash Longe, Dylan Hood, Peter Olenick, Travis Rice, Micah Black, Shroder Baker, Karina Hollekim, Zach Leach and Byran Iguchi.

Take a front row seat and observe these riders as they evolve into an ..........anomaly.

Soundtrack for Anomaly by Teton Gravity Research
Intro Bar Scene"Wiggiddi" KraddyUrban Intent
Intro Chase Scene"AXrmx"ITG
Intro Tarmac"Purple City"ByrdGang
Intro Sponsors"Muertos feat. Sasha"Kraddy
Intro Soul"When the Night Feels My Song" Bedouin SoundclashSounding a Mosaic
Ian Mcintosh - Jackson Hole"Blackout" Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Ian Mcintosh -Alaska"Black Black Magic" GreenleafSecret Alphabets
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa"The Riddle" Random RabThe Elucidation of Sorrow
Japan Intro"Go for Mine" Rob The VikingBeats to Pillage and Conquer By
Japan"Grind" Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Boat Trip"The Rat"The WalkmenBows + Arrows
Peter Olenick, Dylan Hood"Perfect World" CageHell's Winter
Morrocco Intro"The River"Bryan Ingram
Morrocco"Uh Oh"Trouble AndrewTrouble Andrew
Dash Longe"Stonefruit" HalouWholeness & Separation
Marc Andre Belliveau"Sink In a Hole" Marc-Andre BelliveauLive In Jackson
Jackson Hole Pow"King Without A Crown"MatisyahuLive at Stubb's
Erik Roner, Cody"Let My Record Rotate" Rob The VikingBeats to Pillage and Conquer By
Erik Roner, Cody 2"Under Street Lights" Rob The VikingBeats to Pillage and Conquer By
Jackson Hole Action"White Unicorn" WolfmotherWolfmother
Victoria Jealouse"Everybody's Got It"StiffedSex Sells
Chris Collins"Brother (Album Version)" Murder By DeathIn Bocca al Lupo
Jamie Pierre"The White"Skopnik & D-Jaze
Whistler BC"Fight Here" The Procussions featuring DJ Vajra, Afrobots & Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones5 Sparrows for 2 Cents
Candide Thovex, Kye Petersen"Heavy Artillery" ClassifiedDirty Soundtrack
Jeremy Jones Intro"Jack And Jill" Richard Skopnik
Jeremy Jones"Carbon Kid" AlpinestarsWhite Noise
Doug CoombsPhishLive Phish, Vol. 7 - World Music Theater
Credits"When the Night Feels My Song" Bedouin SoundclashSounding a Mosaic
Teaser"Grind" Swollen MembersBlack Magic
Teaser"Carbon Kid" AlpinestarsWhite Noise