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Teton Gravity Research | Light The Wick Soundtrack | Music

Movie Description: The award winning producers at Teton Gravity Research (TGR) present their newest ski film, Light The Wick. Shot using film, HD and 3D technology, Light The Wick is about sparking the flame and watching the world's best athletes blast off. This year, the TGR crew of athletes and cinematographers were on a mission to capture the most jaw dropping footage to date and give the viewer an experience like no other. This pursuit led the team around the world to uncharted destinations, as well as some of their favorite stomping grounds. Follow the crew as they discover the completely unskiied big mountain mecca of Petersburg, AK, find the best snow Croatia has seen in fifty years, ski deep pillows in Italy, hit full throttle riding in British Columbia, and epic free-riding at Ripley Creek and North Cascades Heli. Don't miss Sammy Carlson and the Stevens Pass 3D experiment, the first ever 3D snow sports segment. The groundbreaking dual RED One slow motion arial shots will make you want to reach out and touch the action. Light The Wick showcases the most talented and well-rounded athletes in the sport together in one must-see film.
Date Released: 2010
Locations: Croatia, Stevens Pass, BC, AK, Italy
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Light The Wick
Song: ****Please Leave a Comment if you know
****Please Leave a Comment if you know the rest of the soundtrack

Soundtrack for Light The Wick by Teton Gravity Research
IntroStraw Men - Two Fingers
Two Fingers
Two Fingers - Two FingersStraw Men (Instrumental)
Dana Flahr Pay the Price - Bite the Bullet Bullet Bite the Bullet - Bullet
Petersburg, AK Part I Spectrum of the Sky - Spectrum of the Sky Break of Reality Spectrum of the Sky - Break of Reality
Jackson Hole Powder Holdon - Walls Apparat Holdon - EP - Apparat featuring Raz Ohara
Jackson Hole Blue Bird Animus Vox - Drink The Sea The Glitch Mob Drink The Sea - The Glitch Mob
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Segment Eyes On Fire - Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Blue Foundation Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists
North Cascades Heli Divisive - WHB (Bonus Track Version) We Have Band Divisive - EP - We Have Band
Sammy & Dylan in Oregon "The Realest Dubplate" Kya Bamba
Sammy & Dylan in BC Contra Mantra (feat. Crypt The Warchild, Esoteric & Celph Titled) - Army of the Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror Jedi Mind Tricks Army of the Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror - Jedi Mind Tricks
Last Frontier Heliskiing Intro Coincidence - Messages - Error Ki:Theory Messages - Error - Ki:Theory
Last Frontier Heliskiing Circle. Square. Triangle (James Ford Full Length Mix) - Dig Your Own Grave Test Icicles Dig Your Own Grave - Test Icicles
Croatia Mouthful of Diamonds - Eyelid Movies (Bonus Track Version) Phantogram Eyelid Movies (Bonus Track Version) - Phantogram
La Thuile, Italy Cash Flow (feat. Jah Dan) - Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do (Bonus Track Version) Major Lazer Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do (Bonus Track Version) - Major Lazer
Pemberton, B.C. Paper Romance (feat. Fenech Soler & Jess Larrabee) - Black Light (Deluxe Edition) Groove Armada Paper Romance (feat. Fenech Soler & SaintSaviour) - EP - Groove Armada
Petersburg, AK Part II Sympathy for the Devil - Hot Rocks 1964-1971 The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971 - The Rolling Stones
Stevens Pass Bad Wings - Drink The Sea The Glitch Mob Drink The Sea - The Glitch Mob
Credits Take It Slow (Spaces & Places) - Metropolis Is Burning Grand Analog Metropolis Is Burning - Grand Analog
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Warren Miller's Playground Music Soundtrack

Movie Description: In their 58th feature film, Playground, narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley, Warren Miller Entertainment chronicles the latest in extraordinary winter sports action with their mind-blowing cinematography and a killer soundtrack to match. From an indoor ski park in Dubai and mystique of the Japanese mountains, to the frigid northern reaches of Sweden, Playground follows the planets leading skiers of the freeride movement Jon Olsson, Sean Petit, Dan Treadway, Peter Olenick and others to destinations of freedom and fun where anything is possible. For more than half a century, Warren Miller has featured the world’s most intense skiers and snowboarders from around the globe ... and they found them all in the same place ... THE PLAYGROUND.
Date Released: 2007
Starring: Andreas Hatveit, Ben Ferguson, Bode Miller, Casey Puckett, Chris Anthony, Chris Davenport, Dan Treadway, Dave Short, Eric Pehota, Gretchen Bieler, Harrison Gray, Jacob Wester, Jamie Pierre, Jesse Hall, Jon Olsson, Kazu Kokubo, Klaus Obermeyer, Mads Johnson, Mathias Roten, Peter Olenick, Reggie Crist, Sam Ferguson, Sean Pettit, Simon Dumont, Taylor Gold, Ueli Kestenholz, Austin Ross, Ben Watts, Brock Crouch, Charles Gagnier, Chris Benchetler, Cody Townsend, Dave Barlia, Eric Jackson, Gabe Ferguson, Hans Mindnich, Ian McIntosh, Jamey Parks, Jennifer Ashton, John Jackson, Julian Carr, Kevin Quinn, Kyle Mack, Mark Landvik, Nils Mindnich, Rachael Burks, Sage Cattabriga, Sammy Carlson, Shane Szocs, Tanner Hall, TJ Schiller, Zach Crist
Additional Credits:

Teaser Music for Playground
Song: ****Please Leave a Comment if you know

Soundtrack for Playground by Warren Miller
1"Battle of One" 30 Seconds to MarsA Beautiful Lie
2"Everyday Combat" LostprophetsLiberation Transmission
3"A Prayer (in D)"teneightEight
4"Sick, Sick, Sick" Queens of the Stone AgeEra Vulgaris
5"Hillbilly Deluxe" Brooks & DunnHillbilly Deluxe
6"Kingdom of Doom" The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Good, The Bad & The Queen
7"Sneak Out" Rose Hill DriveMoon Is the New Earth
8"Well Thought Out Twinkles" Silversun PickupsCarnavas
9"Can't Stop" Maroon 5It Won't Be Soon Before Long
10"Hands Held High"Linkin ParkMinutes to Midnight
11"The Cousin of Death" Beastie BoysThe Mix-Up
12"Bi-Poland"The PirkQlaters
13"Weapon of Choice" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBaby 81
14"Time Awaits" The KooksInside In / Inside Out
15"Roads" Radio CitizenBerlin Serengeti
16"Pure Convenience" The Head SetWay Past Used
17"Harder to Breathe" Bullets and OctaneSong for the Underdog
18"The Fantasy" 30 Seconds to MarsA Beautiful Lie
19"If I Never See Your Face Again" Maroon 5It Won't Be Soon Before Long
20"Mr. Moon"Mando Daio
21"If Only" The KooksInside In / Inside Out
22"The Hop"Radio CitizenBerlin Serengeti
23"Strange Hands" The FilmsDon't Dance Rattlesnake
24"Pioneer to the Falls" InterpolOur Love to Admire
25"Mr. Moon"Mando Daio
26"Meteorology" OverseerWreckage
27"Jãbalqã" Secret Chiefs 3Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws
28"Money" Jesca HoopKismet
29"Dub the Frequencies of Love" Gogol BordelloSuper Taranta!
30"You May Be My Lover" Michael RunionOur Time Will Come
31"In the Beginning" K'naanThe Dusty Foot Philosopher
32"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Daft PunkDiscovery
33"The Takedown" YellowcardPaper Walls
34"All You Do Is Talk" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBaby 81
35"Golden Skans" KlaxonsMyths of the Near Future
36"Fidelity" Regina SpektorBegin to Hope (Bonus Track Version)
37"Dropped" Phantom PlanetRaise the Dead (Bonus Track Version)
38"Once Again (Street)" Squeak E. CleanBaldhead Slick / 2 Mex - EP
39"Paper Walls" YellowcardPaper Walls
40"Black Forest" Radio CitizenBerlin Serengeti
41"I Want You" The KooksInside In / Inside Out
42"Used to Get High" John Butler TrioGrand National
43"Evolution" KornEvolution - Single
44"City of Delusion" MuseBlack Holes and Revelations
45"Make It Wit Chu" Queens of the Stone AgeEra Vulgaris
47"Tick Tick Boom" The HivesThe Black and White Album
48"A Hill With No Name" Yoshida BrothersYoshida Brothers
49"Rising" Yoshida BrothersBest of Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Shamisen
50The KooksInside In / Inside Out
51"Tsugaru Jongara Bushi" Yoshida BrothersYoshida Brothers III
52"Kodo" Yoshida BrothersBest of Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Shamisen
53"Someone (feat. Barbie Hatch)" Squeak E. CleanFilm, TV & Internet Singles - EP
54"I Can't Surf" The Reverend Horton HeatLiquor in the Front
55"Truly" Thenewno2EP001
56"Knights of Cydonia" MuseBlack Holes and Revelations
58"21" The Starting LineDirection
59"Incomplete" The Last GoodnightPoison Kiss
60"This Old Machine" Coconut RecordsNighttiming
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Matchstick Productions | Yearbook | Ski Music Soundtrack

Movie Description: School is in session. Featuring the honor students of skiing performing at their top of the game, Matchsticks 2004 release promises to be its greatest yet. Classrooms include: Bella Coola, British Columbia, Aspen, Colorado, the Alps of Norway, Courchevel, and Chamonix France. Senior class member Shane McConkey returns with a performance of a lifetime, ski basing across the Alps and absolutely destroying his home of Lake Tahoe California. Sophomores Tanner Hall, Mark Abma and Eric Pollard deliver the best all around segments in skiing. The freshmen class of Ingrid Backstrom and Tanner Rainville will open peoples minds to the next level of skiing. Order your copy of Yearbook today. The Class of 2004 proves to be the best in skiings history. Athletes include: Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, CR Johnson, Hugo Harrisson, Tanner Hall, JT Holmes, Mark Abma, Rory Bushfield, Steele Spence, Ingrid Backstrom, Tanner Rainville, Mike Wilson, Eric Pollard, Stian Hagen, Nicholas! Karlstrom & Mike Douglas. Winner of POWDER Magazine "Movie of the Year".
Date Released: 2004
Starring: CR Johnson, Hugo Harrisson, JT Holmes, Mike Douglas, Niklas Karlstrom, Seth Morrison, Steele Spence, Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard, Ingrid Backstrom, Mark Abma, Mike Wilson, Rory Bushfield, Shane McConkey, Stian Hagen, Tanner Rainville
Additional Credits:
Sponsors: Helly Hansen, Powder Magazine

Teaser Music for Yearbook
Song: "Stopping All Stations Restrung"
Artist: Hilltop Hoods

Tanner Hall's Part

Soundtrack for Yearbook by Matchstick Productions
Intro 1"Rock 'N' Roll High School" The RamonesWeird Tales of the Ramones
Intro 2"Tom Sawyer" DeadsyCommencement
Mark Abma"Slayed" OverseerWreckage
Ingrid Backstrom"City of Angels" The DistillersSing Sing Death House
Tanner Hall"Wanna Be a Baller" Lil' TroySittin' Fat Down South
Steele Spence"Put It Down" SpiderbaitShe's the Man (Music from the Motion Picture)
Mike Douglas"Waiting Room" Fugazi13 Songs
Shane McConkey"Paranoia" Swollen MembersHeavy
Shane McConkey"Saccharine" Good RiddanceBound By Ties of Blood and Affection
Shane McConkey"Dealin' with the Archives" GreyboyMastered the Art
JT Holmes"Yesterday's Headlines" Good RiddanceSymptoms of a Leveling Spirit
Seth Morrison"Ambush/Sensatonal Breed" Swollen MembersHeavy
Candide"The Mob Goes Wild" ClutchBlast Tyrant
Eric Pollard"Picky" SpiderbaitTonight Alright
Davenport/ Stian Hagen"Crawl Through the Darkness" The Von BondiesPawn Shoppe Heart
Rainville/Mike Wilson"Tonite" SpiderbaitTonight Alright
CR Johnson"Golden Lock Pick" GomezTheme Music
Rory Bushfield"Think" Dynamo ProductionsAnalogue
Crashes"Destroy" Humble GodsSRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits
Hugo Harrisson"Cadillac Rock Box" AnthraxWe've Come for You All
Credits"San Berdoo Sunburn" Eagles Of Death MetalPeace Love Death Metal
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